vib"e" jigging

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  1. what exactly is a rounded snap any pictures thanks
  2. Sorry, I dont have any pictures. If you go to a tackle shop and ask them for a cross-lock snap they can show you some. Any blade bait you jig or cast,you will need one to keep the bait from cutting your line. I believe the ones called Little Nitros come with a cross-lock snap in the package.

  3. it is a snap with a rounded bottom most snap swivels have angles were the bait hangs. the round snap lets the bait move freely. Any good tackle shop should have them.
  4. Thanks for the replies I understand now.
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    Most blades will include a snap with it. It might not be attached to the blade but it will be in the package.
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    I use these all the time for Vibe's and jigs. Dick's always has them in stock in various sizes for 99 cents.