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VHF Radio

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rubys skipper, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, when you go out does anybody monitor the VHF on these small lakes? I go to CC mostly and never ever hear anything but I turn it on just in case someone is in need of help close buy. Thanx in advance,,,Todd in Mason
  2. shadesplace

    shadesplace Game Champion

    It is in great need that is for sure. And greatly appreicated you posted a message about listening to the VHF.

    Two years ago I was bank fishing CC under the deck near the dam. I heard what sounded like gasping for air in the water. I looked around but did not see anyone/thing. I heard it again and finally tuned into where it was coming from. I ran to the bank where he was in the water and called 911.

    A hiker had taken his socks and shoes off under the "no tresspassing" zone under the dam on the jagged rocks. He got into the water which appeared to soak his feet/body when he his body went into shock from the hot day (98+degrees) and the cold frigid waters.

    the 911 dispatcher instructed me not to get into the water due to the suction from the dam taking water into the spillway. I stayed on the phone until a waynesville officer arrived on site. He parked on top of the dam and walked down the rocks. When he got to the bottom he didn't hesitate. The person in the water was not moving since before I had gotten to him. When the officer got to the bottom the person was already about 8-10 feet out from the bank and approx 4-6 feet down from the suction/current. The offcier went in after the person and brought them back to the shore and started performing CPR right away. As this was taking place other officers/nurses arrived on site. A nurse was walking the spillway area and ehard the sirens and came to see what she could do to assist. I was a total wreck seeing all of this take place.

    I wanted to post this to show how important it is to obey all water safety rules at the lake. The respose to the officers time was incredible. Within minutes there were 5-7 or more police cars on site plus ambluance, doctor, and nurse.

  3. Fallcreek

    Fallcreek Love that saltwater!

    I have an 18' CC that I use mainly for saltwater fishing in NC or FL. I have both a mounted 25 watt VHF marine radio and for backup carry a 5 watt hand held. I rarely turn it on when on freshwater but probably should. Just figured nobody on small lakes had that capability. With cell phones being so available these days there is even less need for marine radio unless you're going offshore.