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Vhf Dsc

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by reel, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. I just this week purchased a Uniden $120 +antenna, marine 2-way radio equipped with digital selective calling.

    I have not used one yet but, as I understand it, once you input your 9 digit MMSI number into the radio you can press the distress button and instantly call the coast guard, or other boats, for help. The coast guard will have all your boat information etc. in their SAR database. If you are also equipped with a gps that can output NMEA0183 data it too can be connected to this radio and it will also tell the coast guard your exact location.

    Nice. But here is what else I also noticed:

    You can input a friend's MMSI number and if their radio is turned on, you can call and regardless of which channel they are monitoring, a bell will ring and their radio will be automatically switched to a channel so you two can begin communicating.

    Nice. But here is what I am getting at:

    There is also a way of calling all your friends at one time, all their bells will go off, and you can then begin communications.


    I would be willing to pledge to respond to any of my friends and offer help if needed or just to communicate with one another while boating. So why not have all OGFC members who boat in a particular area offer their MMSI numbers to each other so we can all be available to help one another. This of course would be most important to Lake Erie boaters.