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  1. So whats the big diff. between the 18 and the 8 when your ice fishing .
    When fishing in depths under 15 ft and lots of weeds i think the old 8 performs better,thinking of trading back to an 8se.What do you guys think.
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    About $50.... Seriously, my FL18 has a low power setting, but I truly don't know the difference. It cost more therefore it must be better!!! I use the low power in shallow water and adjust the gain accordingly. It also has auto-zoom and bottom lock for both high and low power.

  3. The 18 has built in low power mode where you need a suppressor cable for the 8. The 18 has a bottom lock and zoom feature to show the bottom 6ft on one side of the screen and the entire water column on the other, while the 8 has no such features.

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    Readear, It all depends on where you fish.I have an FL-18 because I fish alot of deep water 15'-50'.If I your only fishing shallow bodies of water say 20' or less there is no reason to spend the extra money.Stay with the FL-8 series and buy the S-cable, it reduces the output power of the Vexilar sonar by 50% to allow clear readings in extremely shallow water. It helps reduce clutter from debris in weedy conditions...........Mark
  5. I've been kicking around the last two years about purchasing a vexilar but have been put off by justifying the cost v use. I only get out two or three times a year ice fishing. What would make a difference is if I could use it in my canoe river fishing for saugeye. The river is 10'-13' in some of the deep holes and my plan would be to use the vex in these areas during the summer months with a puck transducer on a electric trolling motor. I initially thought the FL 18 was the way to go since it had the shallow mode. I now think after reading the thread would be best to use the FL 8 and purchase the S-cable and save a few bucks. Any input on using a Vex in this manner would be appreciated.
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    Once you get a Vexilar, you'll be ice fishing more than 3 or 4 times a winter.You will also be able to use the unit in open water..........Mark
  7. Sounds good to me, just get you an Ice-ducer for ice fishing and you will have the best of both.
    P.S. Red Rock Store had the FL-8SE on sale last week for 249.95, might call them to see if it is still on sale.1-800-280-1078
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    i would give the vex a spin before buying the s cable. i bought one, used it once for a few minutes, took it off and never used it again.

    what bassmastermjb is saying is correct. imo its far too powerful to be practical. and its also a slight pain to change it out. you can barely see bottom in 20' of water with the gain cranked to the max with it on.

    10' to 13' is water depth i routinely fish with an 8 and i dont have any trouble.
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    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    i never noticed that kind of a difference. it really shouldnt be possible. same transducer angle? LP mode? i dont think i would trade back an 18 for an 8. youll miss the zoom.
  10. I always upgrade as soon as Vexilar comes out with another model. Why ?
    Because I have had great luck with them. Used the old Fl-8 for years but when FL-18 came out I jumped on it. I liked the flexability and was completely satisfied until the FL-20 . Although I hated giving up my FL-18. I rely on the fact that Vexilar is not going to come out with something unless it is worthwhile. So far that approach has not caused me grief. The Vexilar is very useful in open water fishing. Try it at night crappie fishing wth the ice ducer and you are still fishing ie anchored or tied up some where.

    For years I swore I would never change from Lowrance/Eagle. Humminbird zoomed past them as far as technology and now their customer service is starting to sparkle. I ate my own words and tried one. Today all my finders are Humminbirds. Except the Vex of course. Evidently when Johnson Outdoors bought out the old Humminbird owners they made a lot of good changes.

    Buy the best you can afford , learn to use it , keep your ear tuned into the fishfinding/GPS tech side of things. Never hesitate to upgrade if the improvement makes sense to you. It will not take long before you know the difference in hype and gots to have.
  11. I purchased an FL 18 this morning direct from Vexilar! For those looking to buy one, Vexilar just received some overstock FL 18's from cabelas that are brand new that they are selling at the refurbished price of 369 dollars. It cost 7 dollars for shipping and handling. They come with the factory 2 year warranty. Vexilar # 952-884-5291
  12. I just watched a vedio on the vex's. with the fl-18 you 1/2 " target id, and with the fl-8 you only get 1" target id