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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Alwsfishin, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    I'm looking to buy a vex .......I'd like some feedback on the FL8 vs. the FL18....and what about the vertical readout units vs. the circular readout....

    And what about an upper end Lowrance flashers? advertized for boat or ice.

    thanks for all replies
  2. I have the FL8 and it has served me well on the ice :D . Vexilar has been producing their flashers for years so I felt comfortable purchasing their unit :) . I purchased a boat conversion kit and it works well there also. I saw no need for the split screen function but I'm sure others have it and swear by it. Lot depends how much you want to spend.

  3. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    18 vs. 8

    for the extra $100 that the 18 costs, you get a zoom mode for a close up of the bottom 6' of the water column. you get a low power mode (good for shallow, weedy water). to get the same low power mode on the 8 you buy a $15 s-cable (suppresion cable). the s-cable is NOT a "must have" for the 8. it depends on how much fishing you do around/in/or over weeds. even then, an 8 owner might not want the s-cable. you also get a bottom lock for use on a boat. (but using a vex on a boat just isnt the same as on the ice.) one thing the 8 has that the 18 does not have is a 30' viewing mode. 18 goes from 20 to 40', 8 goes from 20 to 30 to 40'.

    most guys who fish deeper water (20' or more) for bottom hugging eyes and perch like the zoom mode.

    it depends on what kind of ice fishing you do, if you fish deeper waters then you might consider the $100 for the zoom mode worth it, thats a personal decision.

    another thing to consider on the vex is the pack that it comes in. there are 4 packs, the only ones i think (imho) are worth considering are the pro pack and the ultra pack. the reason i say this is the genz pack is $20 cheaper (than the pro pack) but lacks the $20 battery status indicator which to me is important. the ultra pack is $50 more than the pro pack but has some nice, convenient features. worth it? thats up to the purchaser.

    lastly, the transducer cones. they come in 9 degree, 19, 12, and a dual 9/19 switchable angle transducer.

    19 is best for shallow water. 9 is best for deep water or sharp structural features on the lake bottom.

    19 sees more, 9 sees less. seeing less is good over deep water or near sharp structure.

    the dual 9/19 is quite expensive but again whether or not its worth it to you depends on what kind of fishing you do and what you want the machine to be able to do.

    if you want to splurge and go all out as many do then the 18 ultra pack with the 9/19 ducer is the "cadillac" of vex set ups.

    personally, i have an 8se pro pack with a 19 deg. ducer and i have to say, like all other vex owners will, i WONT go ice fishing without it! Its an amazing peice of technology and I love it. i have used an 18 9/19 for a season as well so i know what zoom and all that can do for you.

    No matter what kind of vex you get, whatever pack or whatnot, you will be amazed and happy, i can promise you that.

    about the circular my opinion, why look at what happened in the past(vertical readout) , when the vex shows you with such great detail, what is happening now, at this instant, as the fish come and go, as your lure moves around, etc. i think it keeps you more focused and keeps you from falling behind in your fishing and thought process for even a half second. the vex keeps you up to the split-second of whats going on beneath you.

    as you can tell im quite biased towards vex but Ill admit to that. i havent tried the other products out there, i dont need to. there is nothing more that i could want from a fishfinder as far as for strictly ice fishing.

    another opinion, as far as using a vex on a boat, i didnt care for it. the memory of a "graph" readout would be much more practical i think. has good articles, i think they call them tips or something, check them out. they explain a lot and theyre easy to understand.

    good luck with whatever you decide.
  4. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I have 2 FL-8's and they have done everything I've ever need them to do. They are a very valueable ice fishing tool.

    I purchased a Lowrance 68C with the ice pack, this spring to use on the bow of the boat and for ice fishing this winter. It has some capibilities that a vex doesn't have. It can zoom in any section of the water column, it can be used as a regular horizontal scrolling screen fish finder or the circular flasher screen with multiple colors,and the PRIMARY reason that I bought it is that it is also a mapping GPS+WAAS built into the unit.

    I'll provide a review this winter on the Lowrance unit, once I get a little ice time with it. My son switched the screen over to the flasher display this spring for perch on Erie and had a blast jigging perch up to his spoon. He said it was just like icefishing only warmer.

  5. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    What I meant by the vertical views was this this the same just a different was of presenting it?.........

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  6. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    i wouldnt trust that lcd screen in the cold weather. im not sure about that one, ive never seen that model before. going before my time i guess.

    new fish finders using lcd screens are coated to withstand cold temps.

    but the information is the same, just presented differently. the reason the vex 8 and 18 looks like a circle is because there is a spinning wheel that emits light. thats how it shows its display, it spins around, and it emits light at certain places, thats how it displays its information it reads from the transducer.

    when you use a vex, you mentally "unwind" the circle, you will read it as you would the model in your pic.

    it becomes very easy and intuitive.
  7. Alwsfishin, Was That Unit In Your Picture On E-bay A Little While Back? I Saw One Just Like That.
  8. I think that is a Zircom, right? I wouldn't think of purchsing one as the original company is out of business and I believe Bummingbird now owns it which does not ring of quality performance as far as I'm concerned. Just my opinion based on comparison capabilities in locating fish.
  9. Alwsfishin

    Alwsfishin '73 24' Stamas

    Yes slider..........that one is still on ebay...........thanks again for the info fellas..........very helpful .........
  10. One trip last year out at lake milton , me + fl 18 = 13 crappies , my friend with another depthfinder = 1 crappie. that one trip convinced him to buy a vex. we were fishing identically except for the finders. @ 17 ' of water his did not have enough power to read the fish. if cost is no factor go with fl-18 if budget is limited go with fl-8
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