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  1. I have an FL8-SE, and the other night I had the transducer in a hole and it was working fine. I went to drill a new hole and the motor seems to slow down, and all that was on the display was two lines, one red and one green, flashing on and off. I messed with the battery terminals and that did nothing. an hour later my buddy messed with the terminals and it was working fine again. Used it all day yesterday and this morning with no problems, and then it did it again. Now I can't seem to fix it. Any ideas on whats causing this?
  2. I'd check all your connections to make sure everything is tight and clean. Try another battery maybe that one has a problem.

  3. charge battery over night. test battery with a volt meter. wait 4 hours and do another test. if the battery lost voltage buy a new battery.
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    My fl-18 will do the same thing with a low battery.


  5. Have to Agree with this, and ALWAYS CHARGE your battery after every use.
  6. Thanks for the help, I let it sit for a day and it started up fine?? I'll check connections, charge, and check with meter.
  7. got good connection to the battery, checked the voltage of the batter both with a load and without, and it reads 15 volts. Perhaps the battery charged itself some from sitting for a day. I'm going to charge it tonight then take a voltmeter with me, so when it does it again I can check the battery.