Vexilar FL-18 Ultra Pack Ice Fishing Combo

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    Vexilar FL-18 Ultra Pack. Used for two ice fishing seasons. Excellent Condition. Retails for $439.99. Asking $325.00. Email or PM if interested.


    The FL-18 three-color flasher/fishfinder has a split-screen flasher and more. In the Auto-Zoom or Bottom Lock modes, you are able to zoom in on the bottom six feet with target ID of under 1". The powerful receiver is balanced with a matching transducer and allows you to see a split-shot easily in 40 ft. of water. A special built-in Low Power mode makes it easy to fish in super-shallow water or thick weeds. These units come with 10 setting options for Interference Rejection of other sonar signals. The FL-18 displays five depth ranges down to 200 ft. Two-year warranty.
    The Ultra Pack comes with the FL-18, and your choice of a 12° Ice-Ducer or a dual-beam 9°/ 19° Ice-Ducer. The packs also include a high-profile, super-durable case for easy control access, a battery status indicator, a long-lasting 12-volt, 9-amp/hour battery, a powerful 500 milliamp hour charger, adjustable rod holder, tackle box, a non-slip bottom, easy-access external charging posts, cable storage and holding grips, and an instructional video. It fits on a five-gallon bucket.


    Advanced three-color flasher with sun shield
    Powerful receiver/transducer has amazing clarity and detail
    Low-power mode for fishing shallow water or weeds
    Ultra pack has an enclosed battery and on/off switch

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