Veteran's Park

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  1. Since things down at Wallace seem slow, I thought I'd report for Veteran's. Bite virtually nonexistent between 1:30 and 5:00 pm today, but turned on around sunset. I was by myself so it's hard to say just how great it turned on, but got a few good trout bites, one landed. Also caught a nice surprise bass. I think he was surprised too!

  2. nice bass! there are some nice ones in there but that lake gets alotta pressure in the summer

  3. Are you allowed to ice fish at veterans? Is that the lake in mentor?
  4. I went out for adrive tonight to look at Veteran's park. Its clsoe to my house. The guy at Laguna bait shop at lakeshore and hopkins said "they have been doing pretty good there."

    What are "they" catching? What is stocked? I could not find any info really on Lake Metroparks website.
  5. I don't think you are allowed but people do.
  6. I'm not aware of any rules against ice fishing, but I admit I've been going there so long, I don't look at the signs. I'll take a better look next time just in case. Definitely used to be, as local ice tournaments were held in the past.

    And yes, Veteran's Park is the one in Mentor, Granger Pond is the body of water. They stock rainbows in the fall, and have sustaining populations of large and smallmouth bass. A few catfish, and a whole lot of panfish. Lot's of pressure in the summer.
  7. cool well i'll have to give it a try since i live right there
  8. yep alotta gills and bass and good amount of trout while the water stays cold
  9. I took my dog for a walk at Veteran's PArk about 10:00AM.

    I saw three guys on the ice...two together and one loner.

    I tried to walk out, but three to four inches of slush made it hard for the dog.

    Did anyone do any good today?
  10. FYI...I have been asked to leave the ice in yrs past...its owned by the Lake Metroparks which does not allow ice fishing on any of its property, mostly due to liability issues probably.....

    at least that is what I was told by a ranger......

    be careful out there regardless....