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Veterans Park In Mentor

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by allwayzfishin, May 7, 2008.

  1. allwayzfishin

    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    Hit Granger Pond For A Min Since Its So Close To My Pad Today. Went Over To The Far West Side Of The Pond To Fish The Downed Trees. I Put On A Small Brown And Olive 5''finesse Worm And Tossed It In. A Few Jerks Later,bamm, A Chunky 2-3pnder. About 5min Later, I Saw Some Lightning And Then Came Rain. I Had Time For A Couple More Casts And Hooked Another Which Jumped And Came Off. My Last Cast Happen To Snag On The Bush Behind Me Causing A Huge Bird Nest. Time To Go Home Now.still Had Fun Tho, Except For Having To Respool My Baitcaster.

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  2. Hey nice fish. It's always fun when you catch a few close to home.

  3. Awesome fish! Hope to be fishing there this coming summer! Where on the west side were you? By one of the piers?
  4. nice fish! i fish there quite a bit when im lookin to get out for a few hours... the back of the park has some pretty nice bass
  5. allwayzfishin

    allwayzfishin just 1 more cast!!!

    the piers have fish there, but u have to fish hard for them cuz of all the pressure. go to the back of the park by just following the trail. simple!
  6. Will do, allwayz, thanks!
  7. Glock


    Are canoes allowed on this lake?
  8. Sorry no boats or floatation of any kind. You can wade the shore line. I wish you guys would leave my fish alone. Glad to see your still with us Adam, I haven't seen a post in while. I guess your to busy catching my fish. Save me a couple !