vermillion sportsmans flea mkt tomorrow

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    Vermilion Outdoor Sports Flea Market is this Saturday
    The 2nd Annual Vermilion Outdoor Sports Flea Market is at Germans Villa (3330 Liberty Ave, Vermilion Ohio) on March 29th from 8am to 4pm. Among the many exhibitors are dealers of Fishing Tackle, Charter boat information, boating, hunting, and camping supplies, knifes, guns and other new and used item usually sold at deep discounts. Admission is $5, Ladies bring a canned or boxed food donation and you get in free, Children 13-16 years old are $2.00 or free with a canned or boxed food donation. Children under 12 are free. This show was so successful that it had to be moved to it's new larger location at Germans Villa. So join us on Saturday March 29th at the Vermilion Outdoor Sports Flea Market.
  2. is this REALLY worth going too? Someone told me last year was mostly bunch of old ,used stoff. Just wondering if worth the drive over from marblehead. thanks!

  3. Boatnut - I am one of the guys putting on the Vermilion Flea Market and I just want to say that we have 42 inside vendors and most of them are Shops or manufacturers with NEW product. We do have several vendors and Charters selling used items, but we don't have too much in the lines of old used stuff. We do have 3 gun vendors, two steelhead outfitters, several charters, several knife dealers and a mix of hunting supplies and fishing tackle. We also have Ole' Pete with his full line of spoons and Spoon Caddy Max with his variety of storage boxes, Amish Outfitters with his full line of goods And Denny's Outpost with boxes of Reef Runners and Spoons. We also have a few used boats, one being a 20 sportcraft center console and several new Starcraft Boats on display. What we don't have is beef jerky, chocolate, veg a matic, rug cleaner, chamois or other misc. vendors.

    The best part of the day is that we are also gathering food products to re-stock the shelves of the local food basket. So wives and kids get in free with a food donation.

    And we have raffles every 30 minutes with a cash prize and a charter given away at 4:00.

    So in short, I've tried to make it worth the drive from wherever you live.

    Capt. Larry Woods
    Bad Boy Charters
    Vermilion, Ohio
  4. I think he has this confused with another sale.