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Vermilion Public Launch silt bar :(
Be sure to stay to the port (West) side of the river when passing under the RR Trestle. The is a very shallow silt bar between the East side and the middle support column. I know as I had a real hassle getting off of it and partially plugged my water passages which I had to clear after breaking free. :mad::eek: The bar extends down to, and along the first set of docks on the East side.
Plenty of water between the column and the West side. Might be a good catfish hole except for the boat traffic.
Also, be very careful and don't run too close to shore as there is a lot of shallow water. Move out when you see four feet on your fish finder as there are 2 to 3 foot humps in a little closer. I was running down wind in four feet deep and touched my skeg when a large wave trashed me. :eek: Lucky I only took some paint off the skeg, the SS prop was unharmed. :)
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