Vermillion/Rocky Easy Access (Broken Leg)

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by John S, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Hello! I love fishing and want to go for some steelhead. I have a few times so far but I can't get to all the spots because I have a broken leg. The doc said I can start to walk on it but with the air cast its akward and hurts real bad. Do any of you know where I can have easy access to any good holes?

    I tried the first two fords in the Rocky the first time I ever fished for steelies with no luck but went to a little stream and "zoned in" my technique so I want to try them in the bigger rivers. Should I stick to the fords or any other suggestions? Also, what about the Vermillion river? Mill Hallow area??

    I want :B :G
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    mill hollow in vermilion seems to be the best way for you to go. there are no hills to walk down like all the other access points.

  3. Thanks! Thats kinda what I figured. If you know of any and don't mind sharing do you know of any good holes?(PM if you would like) Its just hard to walk the river and find the holes, opposed to hopping out of the car and going straight to one. I'm familiar with the area so with little explination it could get me close enough. Thanks again! -JOHN
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    no holes I kno about . sorry its my 1st year fishing for steelies. I started late in the spring season. from what I have seen in the spring is that they were all over! especially in the riffles and the edges around um. this year I have seen 2 steelhead. not as many as the spring. alot of guys have caught alot tho. they use spawn sacks ,jig and maggot and spoons. I have been trying the fly rod everytime since this summer and fall to practice for um. can't wait to land one on a fly rod. I have caught one on a spin cast using a mepps spinner bait in the spring. i haven't been out for 2 or 3 weeks now so I haven't even had a chance. well good luck. thats a good spot tho cause theres no huge hills . its just parking lot to the water.