Vermilion River

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  1. Kinda hard to determine whether Vermilion is NE or NW so I called it NE this time. River has a lot of steelhead in it and they are spawning plus good numbers of fresh run fish.
    Me and my partner Steve fish a OCBS tournament today. Had a lot of large fish on but only managed to land a few. Will hit it again this week. :)

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  2. where did you catch them at? I went to wakeman and mill hollow and didnot catch any thing. The water was 60 degrees.

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    Jay01 and myself went to wakeman this past weekend. We did very well pulling out 5 fish. The water getting to warm and the fish are moveing back to the lake. If you like to sucker fish wakeman full of them.
  4. We were just North of Wakeman in shallow fast run gravel and some swift deep runs with a good ripple . No ripple, no fish. :D
  5. What other kind of fish in river besides steelhead. My sister just recently moved to the area & I was thinking about checking it out. Any Bass?