Vermilion Report 1-16 & 1-17

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  1. Went down to the spot yesterday early. I didnt see anyone else there until i was on my way up. I went 3 for 6 the 5th hookup i lost but it seemed to be huge!! I think i got a little too happy with it......Today wasnt nearly as good. I only hooked into 3 and only caught 1. None seemed to be up to the standards that i like. All in all though i got out and got some excersise and tried a few new tactics and earned some results.;)
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    Gotta love the mid week fishing, even when the action isn't fast and furious the solitude is golden. Sounds like you had a fun couple days.

  3. I was at the "V" today. Had a few fellow fisherman remark that some had success this AM. Blood on the snow where people were wiping their fish clean was proof of that. Clarity wasn't that great and I'm sure those using egg sacks/bait fared better than the fly flingers. I was using flies and got :S
  4. I fished the V from 9:30 to 4:30 and by far had my best day ever. I landed 13 out of 19 hookups...( I finally had one of those "average days" the good steellie fishermen have :D ). I caught nearly all on spawn sacs and a couple on waxworms. Most of the fish were small and fresh from the lake. I also saw two other guys hook about 2 dozen between them. The river flow and height was great but as Doegirl mentioned, the water was still pretty murky.
  5. where are you guys fishing at the v and where are the steelies at in the v right now?
  6. Jojopro, great job! Don't believe everything you hear on here. That's an amazing day for anyone.
  7. Thanks Archman. I don't really believe that anyone averages that many hookups per outing, though I did once see a guy hook about 40 in one day this year. I had never even hooked double digits before so I was ecstatic to hook up with 19. My previous best had been 7 hook ups and I'd say that I average 3-5 hook ups per outing. It was definitely an amazing outing.