Vermilion no go

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by hollandbass, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. nov 25 9am-3pm vermilion, river was still high and very muddy. Got 1 hit all day on a big 1/8oz black jig that was it. River wont be any good for another 2 days at least, saw about 20 people no fish.
  2. I put in at the Vermilion city ramp last night and the water was lower than I've ever seen it. There was a gravel bar at the end of the launch side that I scraped pulling in.

    Why would the river be so high for steelies and so low for the rampers? Does the south winds not affect the water upstream like it does downtown?

  3. Think of the river as a long ramp with a swimming pool at the bottom. Now pour a hundred gallons per minute down the ramp. Don't matter if there is water in the pool or not. The only thing that will have an effect on the water on the ramp is if less water is poured on it.

    I hope this made some sense.