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Vermilion 11/20/07

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by jojopro, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Fished the V today from about 11 to 2 and landed 2 of 3 hook-ups, one male and one female both about 24". I hooked all today on cured steelhead spawn sacs beneath a float. I saw only one other caught while I was there by a fly fisherman. Conditions are basically perfect right now, and I saw lots of steelies jumping and chasing minnows.

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  2. what part of the river are you fishing ?
    I walked 2 mileles of the V sunday from Mill hollow north and everyone I talked to saw none and caught none , Great catch though , nice fish.

  3. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    well me and steeling went to rt 2 on monday thinking the rain would bring um up and of course. not one is site!!! talked to other guys there and they didn't see nothing either! so this guy has to be by the powerlines or farther north than rt 2 for sure! sorry guys to ruin your season i blame me and steelinatrout becaue its me and steelins first year so the steelies have to have the worst year ever on the v! just our luck! honestly I haven't seen any but 1 caught by the powerlines and 2 jump around there. other than that the river is empty farther than rt 2 to mill hollow.
  4. Way to give up my super top secret honey hole fishing spot Fishaholic! :p Yes I was fishing further downstream (north) near the power lines. I'm surprised that you haven't been seeing more fish further upstream. I would have thought for sure that the last big rain would have had the steelies pushing way up stream. There's definitely lots of steel in the river downstream though. Every time I have fished that area I have always seen them jumping and see the minnows jumping out of the water trying not to be eaten. The minnows are so thick down there that you could almost walk across the river on their backs! With all of the minnows there it's very hard to get the steelhead to pay attention to your bait though.
  5. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    figured everyone already knew bout that spot since me and steelin can't even park there cause it so full.sorry bout that jojo. at rt 2 we seen 4 guys and all said they seen nothing. We figured for sure the fish would come up from the rain but I guess they got other ideas? oh well its early still I guess also i didn't realize you were the one posting. i would of known where u were lol. nice fish man!!!
  6. It's all good Fishaholic. I was only kidding before. I'm not one of those crazy steelheaders who thinks they own the river. The river is there for all of us to enjoy and there's plenty of it to go around. I'm certainly no steelhead fishing expert, I'm basically a newbie myself as this is the first year I've fished the run hard. I had fished for them a few times in years past (not knowing what the hell I was doing) but this is the first year I actually caught one, and have been having some luck as of lately. I have no problem sharing with others what is working for me...that's what it's all about, paying it forward. I have learned a lot just from reading trough all the posts on this site and from talking to or observing more experienced anglers. I don't mind having others fishing near me as long as they show good fishing etiquette. Fishaholic and Steelina, I hope that your luck changes here soon. I can't wait to hear about or see pics of your first steelies. Just keep at it'll get 'em. Well happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm gonna try to hit the river tomorrow morning before eating myself into a food coma.

    Heres a few more pics from earlier this season.

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  7. Fishaholic69

    Fishaholic69 Fly Fishing Addict

    hopefully this rain and upcoming cold weather will bring um up farther.
    actually seen a steelie in a creek by vermilion today also when we were shooting guns in the woods. just seen one stray tho. decentsize and had nice pink color . just caught a glimpse tho as it took off under a logjam in the creek.
  8. I didn't make it out to fish today, but I did drive by the Black and Rocky rivers and both were raging high and fast so I would assume that the Vermilion is looking about the same. If the Vermilion looks anything like the Rocky does right now then it's gonna be a while before the river is good to fish again.