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    Anyone on here with a Verizon phone noticed that in the last couple of months the service has been getting worse? The woman and I thought it was only us, but a few friends have been making the same comment.

    I had Sprint for a week and it really sucked, then ATT for years and it worked sometimes, then I went to Verizon and was very satisfied. Hell I know of at least a dozen people who switched to verizon because of me. But now it seems they are moving in the wrong direction. I got a notice that they were dropping some sort of coverage(not sure what it was call analog maybe?)

    The worst part is that I use this as my only phone. And I have been having issues even in downtown Columbus.
    Just want to see if we are the only area seeing the issue. I plan to call customer service, but I don't see them having real answers.

  2. i'm on verizon and haven't experienced any dropped calls or degradation of service.

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    I hardly use my cellphone, however.
  4. JUSTCRAZY, Do you reboot your phone? I use to have coverage problems also and called C.S. They said I should shut off the phone and turn it back on at least once a week.
  5. Just dial that, it's their "Over the Air Programming", which updates your roaming capabilites. If there has been a new tower, dish on a new tower, new service area, will start using that connection.

    I have noticed if I was traveling, I would do this when I got home because it seemed to drop more calls like it was lost:p
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    I have no trouble in the Dayton area but a recent trip to the gambling boats left me in a lurch. Was it me, or have others had this experience?
  7. I travel all over the state for work and I use Verizon - very satisfied with few issues.

    As mentioned try the *228 and it may help.
  8. i switched from sprint to At&t last year and i have no complaints. on a recent camping trip to kiser lake i had all my bars on my phone even in the campground under all them tree's.
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    No problems here. Are you sure you are not "just crazy"?:p Sorry could not resist. I am very happy with verizon. Are you nearing the end of your contract? The only thing I can ever remeber happening was near the end of our last 2 contracts. It seemed as though the phones would get very weak signals in areas where it never happened before. Maybe it is just me but it seemed funny to happen at the end of the contract.

    JUSTCRAZY Wurlds Wurst Spellor

    I have updated the phones and it has not helped. As a matter of fact I update both of our phones every week for three weeks in a row just hoping it would help.
    The woman just got a new phone yesterday and it is no better than that last one. The guy gave her the speak about updating also, but I know that isn't the problem. Just not sure what the problem is. I would swear they have removed towers the way our phones are acting.

    BD300, I am getting close the the end of my contract, but some buddies have the same issues just got there phones.

    I am just tired of dropped calls in my house and at work. Other places it works fine, but I spend more time a work and home than "other" places.

    Maybe I will look into a "better" phone if I can find one.

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    I have been having issues with dropped calls the last few weeks as well. It is not as bad as the other carriers that I have had but it's not good for my attitude ! LOL I seem to drop calls in the same exact spots every time and there are very small 3' spots ect. :(
  12. You can take your phone to a verizon store and have them hook your phone up to a comp. and update everything on your phone.... Dont think its the same thang as the *228 deal??
  13. Man, I thought I was the only one having problems. I have definitly noticed that the service is getting worse and worse the past couple of months.

    I took my phone into Verizon thinking that it was the problem. They stated that the software on my phone was old and needed to be updated. They claimed that it would take care of the problem but it didn't. I took it in again and they claimed that there was a problem of how my phone dialed out and gave some excuse that it was trying to connect with towers in Detroit or something. When they "fixed" it that time, I still had the same problems.:mad:

    I'm not sure what to do. I'm just glad to know that I am not going crazy. I have NEVER had a problem with Verizon and always talked a big game about them. Hope this is not a sign of things to come.