Van Buren Lake

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  1. Just curious if any of ya'll have fished the lake and if so had any success.
  2. Very poor. Not much worth catching

  3. Thanks I apprecaite your feedback, I was trying to decide if it would be worth the 45 minute drive
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    You beat me to it, Redhunter. I fished it a few times when I was in college, and I don't remember catching ANYTHING but bullheads. :(
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    I wish they would dredge the lake out. As a state park, it is quite nice with decent access for bank fishing. I think it would be state money worth spending. I took a small boat in there one time with an electric motor and spent most of the time paddling, account it is so shallow.
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    Agree, UncleBud. It's a really nice park, just needs some better fishing...;)
  7. If you remember, back in the early 90's they drained the lake hoping to make it a wetlands or something. After they drained the lake, a nice rain came and filled it back up. But it was too late for the fish. I remember guys telling me there were huge largemouth and catfish that were dieing from no water. That is probably why the fishing is so bad, ehnever I go there I always fish below the dam for Bullheads, the kids enjoy it.
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    It's been that way for about 25 years. I remember going there in the 70's and catching crappie, bass and huge carp and the bullheads by the doz. The rocky ford creek starts there, so all the ditches they dug to drain the feilds run there, so the lake filled with silt. In time maybe with no-till farming they might be able to save it.
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    I remember when the dam was opened and the lake drained, but I think it was because N. Baltimore was running out of water so they flooded the creek below the dam that runs over there. I did catch a little smallmouth out of there a couple years back off a tree stump above the dam close to shore. I also remember back in the '70's I caught a sheepshead up by the boat ramp. I was fishing by the bridge there and casting into the creek that runs into the lake. Those were the days, can't imagine there's more than a foot or two of water in it now.