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Van Buren lake Worth fishing?

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcfootball61, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I recently had to make a trip up to van buren and drove past there lake. It looked like there were some downed trees and good places from fish to hide. I was thinking about going up there with a buddy and his boat on sunday night, Is it worth fishing or just a waste of time? Also what is commenly caught out of there. Any info would be great since all i know about the place is where it is and its a body of water. Thanks gusy and good luck all.
  2. Not really worth the time IMO. Lots of bullhead and some channel cats, carp, suckers.

  3. jmenchhofer

    jmenchhofer 'eye addict

    My limited experience there tells me I have to agree with Redhunter. I never fished it too hard, but fished there a few times when I was in college, and all I recall catching is a bunch of small bullheads.
  4. Spongebrain

    Spongebrain Slab seeker

    Same here....looks like it should hold good fish but it's a mud hole.
  5. these guys are right......VB lake has been an environmental disater from the onset.The state didn't build the dam and retaining wall high enough, and there was no excavation.Pretty much a duck pond and bird watching facility. Many will tell you (including ODNR) that the soil is of a bad type, and it has silted in creating the shallow water. Not so......! A couple decades ago, we had a real dry summer, and it dried up, I took my kids for a walk right down the middle of the "lake" and never even got mud on our shoes.The bottom was littered with the original tree stumps right where they were cut off back in the 40's. They were not "silted over" absolute evidence that the "lake" was never more than its current 2-4 FOW. Because it is so shallow, it heats up quick thus only habitable by bottom feeders, this keeps the mud stirred up and it looks like it does. A few hundred thousand, and it could be dredged, raise the earth wall, and dam.......and we could have a 6-10' LAKE with all that brush, it would be a panfish hot spot...........but then we have to remember we live in NW Ohio which doesn't exist to ODNR brass in Columbus