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  1. An acquaintance of mine, who I've taken fishing a couple times, has been looking for a "good buy" on a boat for some time. He went to an auction and got a 1999 Smoker Craft Stinger SC 161 with a 2006, 60 HP E-tec on it for---$3500!! The boat and motor appears to me to be abt. 80-85% in condition and has no TM or electronics but I told him he struck gold. Would anyone have any comments on how he made out? I told him this rig should be excellent for inland fishing and quite adequate(nearshore on 3' or less days), on Erie.
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    checked NADA and didnt find a smoker craft stinger so i just got the value of a 1999 16 footer $1060, the 2006 60 horse outboard $4420

    id say he did alright.
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  3. It sounds like he bought a motor and got a free boat to put it on !...B.L.:)
  4. That's kinda what I told him too. I'm sure when he puts his high end locator and a good trolling motor on it, he'll be tearing them up on the lakes! I don't think he'll need a gas kicker for trolling with that OB though.
  5. Nice buy, I looked at that boat couple days before he bought it.