Valley City Smallies

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  1. I've been looking at a few threads on here about smallies and i would like to share a new spot of mine. I'm from Valley City in Medina, recently I've been fishing the Rocky River that runs through my town and boy was I suprised. A few weeks ago I headed down to the river, I used to play in that thing all the time when I was younger, I brought my st. croix ultralight with me and a few decent river lures...roostertails, shallowrunners, some small jerk baits, a few tiny jigs. I couldn't believe how hot the fishing was. I caught a football of a smallie throwing my tiny yozuri jerkbait along with a bunch of other smaller ones, the biggest one I'd estimate to 2 1/2...maybe...MAYBE 3 lbs. I went down the next day and it was still hot. Not only was I catching some decent fish but it was so nice to be 2 minutes away from my house and in some beautiful scenery. Check it out sometime.
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    i have seen the river many times ,but where is there public access?

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    theres not. I've been called on more then I care to remenber when I was younger
  4. You can park at the depot or at the parking lot next to the national city and walk down underneath the 303 bridge. If you'd like there is also a new park they just put in by the old elementary school in that little neighbor hood off of mill street i think? you can park in the park and head down in the river. You gotta find the deep holes and even sight fish if you have to, they're in there.