Vacumn sealers.

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    Kroger Black friday Food saver 60 $.
  2. Ditto on food saver. I have one as well (Food Saver v3835) and paid about $160 ~3years ago. So far, its been great with maybe one instance on freezer burn which I think was caused by shuffling of items. We have two chest freezers but I mainly use the food saver for fish and meats. I place all my items on a plate with paper towels (after cleaning my items) and make sure I remove as much moisture that I can - literally less than 3 minutes spent). I use a glass cookware that is about even with the entry point on my food saver and for meats/fish I lift the back end to help remove any small gaps of air as soon as the vacuum starts. I will be investing in a bigger / better model which will cost more, but no complaints on this one. Only reason for investing in another model is for a longer / stronger vacuum period, I want something to remove all possible air...on my current one I have instances an item still had a couple small gaps of air (i redo the item and voila). Instead I want one that will do it correctly in all instances without having to fidget around. Again, for the price I am happy and no regrets. My next one once I am ready does show for ~$400 - still debating if it's worth it for long run (5 to 7 yrs). Goodluck.

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    The trick is to get out all of the air, not all vacuum sealers are up to the task.
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    Found a food saver brand in the clearance isle at wal mart. Normally priced around $95. Got it for $40. Has tray to catch moisture.
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    Good deal does it take 11 inch bags. Take advantage of the website for bags peviously mentioned it is way cheaper than the store
  6. For someone who has never used one, what would be a good easy to use model that uses both the rolls and bags for say in the 100 buck range ??
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    To use the rolls it needs to have a separate seal mode to seal one end cut the size you need and then flip around and then vacuum and seal the contents. Ihave the game saver sport plus got it from bass pro maybe 8 years ago not sure how much it was though.
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  8. I freeze my soups/stews/applesauce etc in rubbermaid containers till solid then pop out of the container and vac seal. no mess, no fuss and all my containers aren't tied up.
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  9. FYI
    I ran across an ad from Cabelas last night. There were some vacuum sealers on sale there.... Also, I did see there super duper version in the bargain cave. (personally don't like them).