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  1. My sealer worked fine on my jerky this winter. Now that the walleye are colming my sealer is not working right. It sounds like it is sucking but I am getting no pressure. Any help or ideas?? Its only 2-3 years old I hate to have to replace it. It is a Foodsaver Vac 800.
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    Make sure that both the bottom and top seals are clean and fimly seated in the slots. It only takes a bit of dried particle to keep it from being air tight.

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    OK, in this case you want it to suck. When the pump starts, does it just run at the same speed/make the same tone all the time or does it fluctuate? Does it remove any of the air in the bag or none at all? Does it draw a slight vacuum but not enough to make a difference? If no air is removed from the bag, you have an internal issue in the unit like a broken pump assembly or bad valve. If it attempts to draw air but doesn't draw enough, make sure the soft foam sealing ring isn't twisted, deformed or torn underneath where you can't see it. Make sure the chamber itself isn't cracked or leaking.
    I've found that the things last about 4 years before they die if you don't take care of them, especially that foam ring. I've replaced mine once already and my foodsaver is 3 years old but I use the heck out of it.

  4. make sure you don't have the bag to far in. I had a problem trying to seal some big bags of jerky, one side would slip over the edge and not into the chamber. I sealed a empty bag to figure it out.
  5. I have problems occasionally with mine and it can be frustrating. try flipping the bag over...dunno why but sometimes helps. Like hook n book said..make sure seals are clean..take them out..put them back in. make sure bag is stretched tight sideways..i mean no humps or wrinkles. sometimes i put a small phonebook under the bag to make the elevation match up better to the opening. last resort, call foodsaver and normally for $50 bucks they will send you out a new unit of same model or close to it.
  6. I got it to do one bag last night but it was like work. It just never revs up. I dig up the Foodsaver # and see what they can do. If I have to buy a new one I am going with the commercial model next time.
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    Mine lasted eight+ yrs . Replaced it this yr.It sits on the counter and use it every day. Keep it clean.
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    mine sucks but does not seal all the time???
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    Sure sounds like a dirty seal. Try removing the foam ring and wiping it down in a sink full of soapy water. Also clean the top seal. You may not see the dirt, but it doesn't take much to break the seal. The phone book tip is also a good one. My Vac 500 still works great at around 10 years old.
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    I always had a problem getting a good seal on anything that had a lot of moisture in it like walleye fillets. I found a tip on here to put the fillets in the freezer for about an hour before you seal them. Have had no problems since. I have prefroze other things and had not problems with them also.
  11. My sealer is about seven years old. Sometimes it won't vacuum, and if I flip the bag over, it'll start working. Sometimes it is the placement of the bag in the sealing chamber. Seems like you have to have a decent amount of bag in there for it to work properly. Also, any amount of moisture between the sealing strip will not allow for a good seal. If you do a bunch of bags in a row, the sealer strip will get too hot, and melt too much of the bag, and it will let air in after a few minutes.