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    OK folks. I have all next week off. The PLAN is to fish everyday from Monday to Saturday. But we all know that can change in a New York minute. I have a few places in mind already. Hoover (of course), Olentangy, and Buckeye to name a few. I suspect my regular fishing buddies will be working this week.

    If anybody has anytime next week and wouldn't mind fishing with a experienced newbie (oxymoron, I know), give me a shout. I typically like to go out early in the morning, but since I won't have to work the following day, I'll likely try some night fishing.

    I'm a shore-bound fisherman, but I'm not opposed to riding in a boat!:D
  2. have fun dude! vacations are nice... BTW. going smallie fishing down below griggs thrusday or friday. Water temp is pretty warm now. You should come along!!!

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    A staycation eh? I haven't had a real vacation in 2 years... although my work is pretty flexible so it isn't like I'm pounding out 40hr weeks, fairly easy stuff. Enough about me though. I really enjoy fishing during the week as you are so much less likely to see other people. I would take some nice leisurely wades on some of our more popular scenic rivers.
  4. Yo Marshall! what's the deal yo? you get anything yet on your vaction or what????:B