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  1. I have a question to all of the Steelhead fishermen who fish the vermilion river. Does anyone know if the steelhead are in the vermilion river yet? If so does anyone know where about they are at right now in the river like the location? This is my 2nd year steelhead fishing and havent got one yet. :( . Well if anyone could reply to this thread or message me any information would be greatly appreciated. Good Luck everyone to 08-09 fishing season!

  2. The fish are in and have been since september. Fish the lower sections of the river i.e. power lines or rt 2 bridge area. You can get a map on the ODNR website. There are fish upstream already but they are in greater concentration in the lower stretches. Fish deep pools in the winter and faster/riffles in the spring. Hope this helps.


  3. call erie outfitters at 1-440-949-8934 .or better yet stop by ,purchase some tackle and or bait & get a hot report from the Craigster himself . except for tuesdays he's closed, course you could just secertly follow him on tuesday while he's fishing & learn by observing him.Just kidding !!! Call - stop by . The "V" is his baby.:B :) :B :G :G :G I forgot one thing , this could be a year with a poor run of trout for the "V". Craig would know.