Uverse tv-internet-phone?

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  1. Is anyone using this service? Looking for opinions as I'm thinking of switching from Time Warner due to them jacking up their prices in the last coupple years. I want to stick with a one bill bundle type package.


  2. AT&T U Verse is the worst. I thought Time Warner was bad until I got AT&T.

  3. I switched to U-verse from Cox cable. After one month switched back to Cox. Don't let them kid you that it is cheaper, you will end up with several bills and they all add up to being alot more than you expected to pay. The basic package is alot of nothing channels. If you like the Indians you will have to upgrade to the next level that cost's more. Also the weather channel is the generic one that doesn't show radar locally etc.
  4. i was going to drop my crappy time warner and get this. maybe i will just get my directv reconnected instead.
  5. Talked to some other people that have AT&T and as stated they received a bill that was far higher than what they expected. A lot of hidden charges that you don't know about until you are bill. Needless to say they dumped them and switched to someone else.
  6. I tried it and didn't like it so much. The customer service left a lot to be desired. They were beligerant when I called to cancel it. One guy nearly called me stupid when I asked a simple question. Whne I called customer service for U-verse, it kept me waiting and wading through service ares for phone service. The salesman who came to the house was slick and kept telling us that the U-verse name could not be used on his invoice/work order. It was quite suspicious. Another thing was that I found out later that they had essentially hijacked my cable line and was not using the supposed fiber optic lines they said they had. Lastly some channels were a satelite feed and not actually local cable at all. If you can deal with that and want to save money, give it a shot. You might to talk to anyone you know who might work for your current cable company to see what they've heard about U-verse as our cable guys were well aware of problems U-verse were causing. In fact our guys had just done 3 reconnects in my area due to dissatisfaction with U-verse.
  7. Thanks for the input. I'll stay with time/warner for now.

    I think you all saved me from making a mistake.

    I was questioning AT&T anyhow after it took a coupple hours and 7-8 transfers to schedule a DSL/phone line repair at a job site. Even then I never got the correct person, just somone close enough that new how to work the system and cared enough to do their job above and beyond.

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    I switched to Uverse a month ago and have been pleased. The free DVR they gave me is worth its weight in gold. I tell it "poker" and it records more poker than I can watch :)
    Once all was said and done with the bundle pricing (i have internet, cable and phone) I'm saving about $10/month.
  9. Interesting Esox........

    Anyone else with a positive review/experience?

  10. Wait till all three services crap out on you at the same time, and they tell you that they can't come out and fix it for ten days (meaning you have no internet service, phone, and tv for ten days).
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    A guy showed up here ona Saturday - offered us three DVR units and convinced us it would be cheaper. I ahd my hand on the go button - until he called in and said they no longer offered three boxes and that it would cost about $8 each to have the additional two installed. BAIT AND SWICH AGAIN. I talked to the guy's boss and thanked him for wasting our time and to get his sales guys the tools they needed to sell the service without switching the deal around.

    They tried to call us that Monday and convince us to go with it and they would give us a $15 credit for three months. No way.

    besides - that service doesn't run through the entire house like cable does - we have four tvs and couldnt hook them up without a converter. Yuck.

    We're reducing our service and may consider the dish network this winter. I'm sick of all of the fake deals floating around out there!
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    Switched from WOW to AT&T for a cheaper rate. Been on them 2 months, and I'm happy. Ordered one day they came out the next to install. About a month down the road my video went out, called on a Saturday and they came out the same day and did a full reinstall, no problems since. I like the DVR interface, and Internet service has been rock solid. Recommended.