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  1. is there anywhere thats worth buying minnows in a bag and using them for steelies? or are the ones from the bags no good? never tried this before soo its just a thought..thanks
  2. I take what I have leftover from every perch trip I make in the fall and lay them out on paper towels and let them dry out. Then I put about 12-15 in a freezer bag with kosher salt and throw them in the freezer. If I need minnows for the Steelhead season, this does the trick. Caught one this morning in the Hoga on a frozen minnow!

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    Why Kosher salt ?
  4. You are better off with live ones of course. Keep them alive in the basement or garage. Just stock up with a few dozen once in awhyle. If you like using minows alot and dont live right bye a baitshop, it pays to invest a little on keeping them alive. AIRATOR.

    The frozen will work just not as well. If you tea bag a steelhead with almost anything, they will open up. The salt is to help preserve the bait.

    It's all about confidence in what you are using. I would not ever use frozen or bagged. I would just toss a jig or spawn at them in that case. I always give myself a few bait options on any given day.
  5. You don't have to use kosher salt just don't use any salt that is iodized. Kosher salt is not iodized, I use canning salt, but plain old non-iodized table salt works just fine.
  6. I usually use spawns sacks or rubber trout worms but when those aren't working, I like to have minnows. I use live ones when I can but they are not always easy to get so the ones I freeze have been very good for me as a back-up.

    I will say this...when I use live ones, I hook them thru the back half to try and keep them alive as long as possible. For the frozen ones, I hook them through the head because it keeps them on longer.
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    When freezing them try using an old bath towel. Fold it in half and lay them in rows. I have tried paper towels and they stick and pull apart the shiners. When the chrome wants minnows frozen are better than none.
  8. I don't take anything to the river that I can't fit in my wading vest so I never even bother with live minnows. I keep both a pack of salted freeze-dried shiners and Berkley Power Bait Realistix soft plastic minnows. I have yet to catch a fish on the salted shiners but have had success with the Realistix minnows (got 2 fish today on the Realistix minnows). The Berkley Realistix minnows are scented, look fairly realistic, and have great action in flowing water. I bet that those new Gulp minnows that come in a bucket would work very well also.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. But who wants to carry that bucket around?
  10. I know they are overpriced(as is most everything dealing with fishing), but you can buy a small minow container that clips on your belt. I have used them and they are very nice to have. I also have used a regular old water bottle and it did work just fine and fit in my vest.

    You wont see me carying around a bucket.
    They hav different kinds but most are about 8 bucks.
  11. I bet that those new Gulp minnows that come in a bucket would work very well also.

    If I were to buy one of those Gulp buckets I'd just put about a dozen minnows in a small zip-loc freezer bag with a little juice (more compact) and stuff it in the wade vest.
  12. Joewallguy, how well did you do with those Gulp minnows?
  13. the only time I used a gulp minow was on a spinner I took the trebel off and replaced with a #8 single hook. Worked really well but dont really throw spinners anymore. I bett they would work fine drifted though? So would ALIVE. I just have never tryed it. May have to throw a baggy in my vest?
  14. I started using gulp alive emerald shiners 3" size,I can tell you they are deadly on steelhead,the only pain is carrying the little bucket around, I solved this problem by putting them in a small olive jar,with the juice inside. I use a small jig and nose hook them,they work really well when the water is off color.There $20 a jar of 36.
  15. I just have a hard time spending $20 on bait. Can you at least get more than one fish out of each minnow?
  16. Archman, you can get numerous fish off the same minnow,sometimes they tear them off,but thats the minority.