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  1. trying chicken liver for bait any ideas on how to keep this stuff on your hook seems like all i did was rebait all day long
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    I have heard that mixing unflavored gelitn with it helps firm it. Try chiken hearts they will stay on the hook all day and work just as good as liver!!!

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    make sure your hook passes through the whitish tissue that holds the pieces of the chicken liver together (I usually go through that tissue first, then through the liver itself..... burying the barb of the hook inside).

    another thought is to use a very thin sewing thread and tie it together in a quick knot, after it's on your hook. It's hard to describe, but it's one of the methods used on the east coast when fishing for striped bass in the surf; the bait of choice is typically raw clams and as slimy as they are, they slide off when casting (there is a sticky thread that is used to hold the clam to the hook).
  4. you can also try useing the same kind of sac used for spawn sacs or even a piece of ladies panty hose
  5. the liver i was using just didnt have a whole lota fat on tried two different brands and i just would dig though to find 'good' peices thanks for the replys
  6. Rig it pretty thick {several times on the hook} that should keep it on.

    If it still won't stay, put it in a cooler for 5-10 minutes, that will do the trick.

    And try not to adjust your pole too much once you cast, just let it stay there.
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    I have a GAR-REEN-TEED way to fish liver. Normally I would charge for this info.....but for OGF, this one is on me. Pick up a couple pints of liver and get you some panty hose. Depending on what/where your fishing, I use a glob of liver about the size of a golf ball. SAVE THE BLOOD.Toss it the panty hose. Now squeeze the liver to make your "ball" as small as you can. Twist the hose and tie a knot,now move up the hose about inch and tie another knot. Repeat with the liver into the hose and keep working your way up until you are out of liver. Take your "string" of hose/liver and cut them in between the knots. Now take all your liver balls and put them back into the blood filled container. I like to freeze them like that. Other option is to keep them in the fridge until a day before you fish. Place the containers out in the sun to "cook" a little.When fishing now you just run the hook through the center of the liver ball(just once). Toss it out and hang on. lol You can now let them suck on the bait all they want until they swallow it. Use the same liver ball until it turns white from them sucking all the blood out of it. You will need a very sharp knife to cut the hose off and replace. Good luck! BC
  8. Buy them when they are fresh dont buy the previous frozen ones. WHen you get htem home take a pair of scissors and cut em into manageable sizes. From here it can go a few diff ways. I have an old ice tray that i use. I take the smaller pieces of liver and put a hook thru it. When i have enought to fill the ice tray, i put it in the freezer. Keep em on ice till ready to use.

    A small piece of liver and a small piece of cheese cloth or pantyhose works good too, or just go with a treble hook. But remember you cant put a whole lot of power being it.
  9. thanks for all the info i've found that boiling it for 30 seconds then stright into ice water to stop the cooking process after it cools in a few minutes pull it out cut it down and it will stay on your hook forever you can recast it several times
  10. I just use a tiny ziptie and ziptie it to my hook. Or another good lure other than chicken liver is shrimp... ;)
  11. Man black tiger 21/25 shrimp uncooked works great too you can get 2/3 pieces out one, plus with the shell they stay on for a long time.