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  1. In repsonse to KSU's post. To prevent ripping of fish and leaving them on the bank.

    Using fresh eggs does not mean that the eggs need to be caught today, or this month for that matter. Using eggs from last year is good enough. Its all in how you take care of them.

    Average fisherman do not need ten fish worth of eggs! One fish would satisfy most peoples needs for a year or more. One fish can easily make over 500 sacks! a salmon even more. Joe and I probably have used less then two fish this year and still have almost half left. Between the two of us we have fished about 30-40 days from oct till now.

    Can you use a fish out of the lake? I would not advise it(experience!!!!). The egg membranes usually are not developed enough. They will pop very easily. And just because a fish is in the river does not mean the eggs are fully developed either. Look to see if the fish is dropping eggs when unhooking it. Or has a over bulging Stomach.

    Ask people on the board if they have spare eggs. Most times people have to many and are willing to give them away for free.

    If you catcha fish and want to keep the eggs:


    Rinsing them in salt water is good to make them last a up to a month.

    More long term:

    Rinse eggs thuroughly in cold water. Get all of the blood out the skein. Dry them with a scentless paper towel till they are almost sticky. Cover them thuroughly in Borax 20 Mule Team form the grocery store. Then freeze in ziplock bags. Make them in smaller portions( about a cup or less) so that you do not have to keep thawing them all. They will last over a year in the freezer and catch tons of fish. DO NOT let anyone tell you different that catching fish consistantly on year old eggs is not possible. T

    You can buy eggs cheaply at in PA or NY. But not sure where. if you do not want to take the time to catch kill and cure.

    Erie outfitters and a few other places supply fresh eggs.

    Gander Mountian eggs are only bad because of all the crap they cure them with. Takes away and adds numerous other scents.

    i am sure other people can add more comments. I have to get back to work.
  2. Do not rinse eggs in tap water, only use distilled water. The chlorine will ruin the scent.

    Put in a freezer bag and zip out all the air.

  3. Now I have a question is it ok to freeze you eggs in water or should you do them dry.

  4. I never freeze them in water. As long as you leave the skein whole, you will get less freezer burn as time goes on in the freezer. Don't cut into smaller chunks or pre-tie sacs and then freeze. The air gaps are your worst enemy in the freezer :)
  5. Thanks for the info guys, good stuff!! :)
  6. You can tie them into sacks and then freeze as long as the eggs are in borax. But do not freeze them for long. Short periods are ok. At least in my Experience. AND YES, get as much air out as possible in the bags. Air contains bacteria.
  7. you can freeze them into usable chunks just make sure you put a layer of borax in between the layers to get most of the air out. Or if you freeze them in jars place a lit match in the jar as you seal it, the flame from the match will use up the air inside the jar and put out the match. beenfreezing them for years in borax without any problems.
  8. some wet brines will store eggs refrigerated for over a year with no problems at all also. Just a little messier when you use them. Forgot to mention that in the last poat.
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    u better not waste the fish! jk lmao
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    If I can smell borax, the fish can smell it too. I don't cure my eggs with anything. All you need is a good food sealer and the eggs will last a long time.
  11. i bought a hand held vacumm sealer from walmart. this handy little device is in the food section by the ziplock bags. it comes with bags and the little vacuum just sucks the air right out of the special bags. it costs nine dollars! i can't believe how good it works. i ve been using it on all the sceins i ve been freezing. THIS THING REALLY SUCKS! lol!
  12. Steelie Junkie,
    If you can smell the borax than you're using the wrong stuff. You have to use the stuff with no detergents in it. I'll put a """GOOD""" quality cured egg from someone who knows what they're doing up against fresh spawn anyday of the week and usually come out on top. Sometimes the fresh will out produce, but for the most part, the properly cured ones have outproduced fresh for me on more outings than I can remember. It's the other scents in the cured egg that make them good, and the fishermans ability to change that right on the river that makes them effective. Curing eggs isn't only about preserving them to make them last lomger it's about giving the fish something different that it hasn't been bombarded with everyday by the fisherman using the same things. How many times have you seen guys tearing up the fish with chartreuse spawn and the guys with the natural landing a few. Thats what it's about, last time I looked steelhead didn't have chartreuse eggs in there bellies naturally. Once you think about it the possibilities are endless. I've been curing my own eggs for over 30 years, some never caught a fish that recipe was tossed, others I couldn't keep in the water on certain days, those you file away for another day, and than keep on going. Don't get me wrong fresh spawn is awesome , at times, but when the fish are there and all they've seen is fresh spawn all weekend and your barely getting any takes but you have some good cured with a little extra scent that the fish like who's going to catch more fish?