using estrous during gun season????crazy

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by GOTEM', Nov 23, 2007.

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    I have been reading up on hunting in late November and some sources have said using estrous will still work. They say 2 1/2-4 1/2 yr old bucks will go back to old rubs and scraps looking for does that are late, or as they call it "the last estrous doe". I was wondering if anyone uses or has used estrous during gun season? To me it sounds crazy so I wanted to see what people on OGF had to say about it. Any info would be greatly helpful. 3 More Days
  2. no not crazy.....using doe in heat scent will work in gun season. it only depends on how many bucks are in the area you hunt. the less dominant bucks will not get as many does as the dominant ones so they will still be looking for does, and as soon on the bigger bucks finish up with theirs they will always go looking for that one more and once again start the whole dominace game again. use it if you got it!!! not to mention just the other day i had some scent bombs hangin around my stand and watched a six pt come right by em not even notice them..came to a grunt call though and also had a doe come by a little later so the scent if anything masked my scent if nothing else.

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    I've shot does during gun season that were still in heat. And the secondary rut will be starting soon. I personally never used it during gun season. Once the lead starts flying the deer will be moving all over. If you are on land were there isn't a lot of pressure I guess if you wanted to, you could try it.
  4. ive tryed it!! and good and bad results but never hurt
  5. I don't really use scents because I have never had any success with them, but I will tell you that I saw 2 small bucks chasing a Doe this morning. The rut is still going on. It has been a wierd season for me. I saw a real nice buck on 10/28 protecting a Doe and after that nothing. Today was the first time I saw a buck chasing a Doe. The weather has been wierd, so the rut could have been thrown off a bit. It couldn't hurt to try it.
  6. yea the key, as toxic mentioned, is if your on public or private land or if there is any hunting pressure on the deer..where i hunt it is just me and two other guys. so the only pressure is what we give em. and scents still work cuz the deer are still in their patterns.
  7. Yea I think things are a little wierd this year too as far as the rut goes. Just saw six bucks after the same doe this morning.