Using a bass boat on the GMR

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    I'm new to the forum and I love it because I learn so much here. I read alot about the Great Miami River on the site and I was wondering if there is an area to fish using a bass boat between Troy and Middletown. I'm from the Dayton area. Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Troy has one in it's downtown(or is that "uptown" since it's a small town?) River rd is the only ramp open on the GMR in Dayton and that is plenty deep enough for your boat.Run it up to the bend below Dryden rd and drift back...smallies,saugeyes and channels are most likely candidates if you're tossin artificials.
    There are three others off Dayton Cinci rd I've never been to two N of franklin and one in M'town so I can't speak about their suitability for your boat,TC1

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    I would not recommend Troy for a bass boat! Very limited area of the river you can access from here and fishing in not that good in this area. If you want to fish Troy, bring waders and go walking.
  4. only places you are getting a bass boat in from Dayton south are at the West Carrolton ramps and the ramps in Hamilton. both pools are highly pressured but offer good fishing. be especially careful on the WC pool. during the summer the skiers and pleasure boaters are maniacs, supprised there isnt a fatality each year there.
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    Do not use a bass boat in the GMR near troy. Too shallow. Instead, get a canoe, start in piqua and travel down to the boat ramp in troy, next to arang restaurant. Especially during Smallmouth spawn. Caught up to 50 while just drifting down the river. Also, as stated above, wade the river. Lots of shallow spots that can get you some good smally action...Not to mention if you get to know the river up around here, you will find some shovel's.