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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Salmonid, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. I just bought a used 17 ft Fisher Deep V boat, and test ran it this morning at Eastwood lake and have a few questions maybe you more serious boat guys can answer for me.
    Its got a 30 galon gas tank and at speed shows 1/2 full but at idle/stopped shows 1/16, which is more accurate?

    I notice when I /or if I would let go of the steering wheel at mederate speed, it would pull very hard to the right, tied into this question is that turning to the right is much easier then turning left, not that turning the wheel left is hard , just harder then to the right?? I checked and steering rod is greased up fine. Thoughts??

    Horn doesnt work, any thoughts on what to look for and where?? to get it fixed.

    Lastly, looks like i need a new trim switch since mine is tempermental at best, up works but the the down one is hit or miss.
    Other then that, she ran like a dream as did the aerators, trolling motor and everything else.
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    the tank gauge would prolly read correct when the boat is level in the water. you need to familiarize yourself to know how it reads. fill it up and watch it and you will get an idea how it read. or even when it is on the trailer and on level ground for an accurate reading.the torqu tab on the lower unit prolly needs to be adjusted. turn it towards the direction of pull. check for power at the horn with a tester . try some contact cleaner on your trim switch.

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    Hey Salmonid, what year and model is your Fisher? I just got a new (to me) Hawk 170 SC this Spring - 1997. Great boat - rides nice and big enough without being too big.
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    I'll answer, since I know Mark is working:

    It's a 1998 Fisher Pro or Sport Avenger, cant remember which one. It's a nice boat. I'm sure (hope) to see many Blues, Channels and even some Flatheads and Skippies come over the sides of it!

    I think it has the same layout as my boat and I think they really laid those boats out well. Your right, big enough, but not too big.
  6. Thanks Mellon, yup, always working..... anyways its a 98' 17 Sport Avenger, its really 17'6" and laid out just like Mellons Tracker Targa 17 except mine doesnt have the bait well ( mine has a front and rear livewell) or the belly storage bin which I wish it did have but I am not complaining, it does ride exceptionally nice so far, I hop eto get t to the Ohio river in 2 weeks for its first big test.

    PS Next question, how do you get the stinky stank smell out of the live wells??( besides airing them out and stinking up the garage)

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    10% bleach and water and scrub it.

  8. Had similar trim issue on my 1993 Johnson 40 hp. Eventually the "down" failed......there are two relays or selinoids under the engine up one down. One failed. Replaced them both.

    They plug in.....easy to replace once diagnosed. They are identical on my rig. Swith them out, one for the other. If the operation changes, its not the switch.

    Yours may be a switch issue.

    Good luck with the new rig. Be safe out there.
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    Salmonid, your boat sounds nearly identical to mine. When I read your steering issues, I kinda' chuckled cause mine does the exact same thing - though I've got a 90hp. (Fine at low and high speed - just a little pull at med. speed.) As for the horn, it's under the console.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy the boat - I've been very happy with mine.
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    Try adjusting the trim on the motor when you are at cruising speed. If I trim the motor up a little when it starts to pull the problem goes away.