Use boat now to find early ice spots

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    Most of your ice fishing mags suggest this but I seldom see guys doing it. I have never ice fished Lake Milton all that hard in the past. But after finding a few spots late in the fall I will probably hit it a little harder this year.

    Todays catch was not all that impressive but the info I gathered was. I brought home 7 Jumbo perch , 5 decent crappie and 1 2-1/2 walleye. Water temp where I was at was 46 degrees caught nothing shallower than 12 ft and nothing deeper than 16 ft. caught a lot of little ones also.

    I was using kastmaster and swedish pimple spoons with a 3inch dropper. Bite was off and on all day. I use this technique ice fishing also and all I have to do is transfer waypoints on boat GPS to portable GPS.
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    Thanks for the update
    Nice Report and Info

  3. The fish generally don't move out of those areas until the dead of winter. Looks like you found yourself a honey hole.
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    thats a heck of a nice mixed bag. did you just use a plain hook as the dropper or were you using a jig? if its a secret i understand ;)

    ive never really given droppers too much of a chance. i have one green hali jig that has a chain dropper with a gold hook, i just have less confidence in that compared to a jig. i hope we have a good year so we can do some experimenting. i should tie some droppers up and give them a chance.
  5. No big secret I take the treble hook off and tie a 3 inch long section of 10# power pro. You can use a jig , single hook or small treble. I then tip with either minnow or waxworm. I use up to the 1/4 oz sizes as far as the size of the spoons and as small as 1/12 oz.

    I used to use them only for ice fishing. Few years back was having SLOW day at Mosquito fish were there but not biting. Tied one of the " search lures " on a 9 foot noodle rod and dropped over the side of boat. I did not " slaughter " them on it ( crappies ) but I did manage to catch two dozen or so that day.
    These work on just about any species as I found out later on.

    Try and balance size of spoon to rod you will be using on. Sometimes the fish hit real tenative and it helps the " feel " when to set the hook.
  6. during a tough bite last year for eyes and crappie you couldn't buy a bite unless you were fishing a minnow head on a 3 inch dropper. Also its good to tie tiny droppers for gills when they just look and never take. use #16 fly hooks and 2 or 4 lb florocarbon. and a single maggot or half waxworm. You can tie them like an offshoot up the line a few inches. or you can tie around the segmented head of a genz bug jig. The biggest thing with droppers is to keep them short. In clear water you can sometimes get away with longer ones but I would never go over 6-8 inches.

    I pre tie my heavier droppers on 14lb florocarbon and use several different size hooks. Usually an octopus style between 6 and 10. on the end I just put a crosslock snap and snap it on in place of splitring and hook on the spoon. You can change out your hook sizes and lead lengh quickly this way.
  7. Interesting info. Is a dropper rig related to a drop-shot?
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    good ideas guys. thanks for the info.

    napsax this picture should give you a good idea. these are some Hali jigs. Halis use fine linked chain for the dropper.

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    It's a good time at most lakes to find submerged structure. This stump and others at West branch have produced well this summer for walleye. Lose a lot of jigs though.


    A dropper is a hook on a small length of fishing line or a small chain under an ice fishing jig. Kind of like a stinger hook.
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    The cool thing with the rigs papaperch has pointed out is....if you have some what of a collection of ice jigging tackle(as most icer"s do) ..meaning spoons/blade baits/jigging raps....all you have to do is remove the treble hook and replace that with any good quality "snelled hook" like tru-turn/eagle claw in your favorite size... NO KNOT TYING the point of the hook thru the split ring or eyelet attached to lure......bring hook all the way thru the opening and place it back thru the loop on your snelled hook and draw down tight. Instant dropper rig......with out all the tying and you can quickly return it back to the way it was.....I've used these kinds of rigs for over 40 years and they can be total fish killers at certain times and are something that needs to me used in any ice fishermans arsenal of weapons...Happy hard water fishin to all this year.......Jon Sr.