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  1. Just recd my quarterly magazine from Trout Unlimited and sure enough, it was folded in half and has smudged finger prints where someone along the way has been reading it, probably folded it in half and took it with them to the hopper. Now this wouldnt be a problem except all our magazines and catalogs are this way when they get delivered. Kind of frustrating when you are trying to keep magazine issues for collections. I recently had a Cabelas catalog the same way, had thum prints and smudges all through the hunting section, wife get a few Horse Magazines and the same thing there.

    Ok, now part two of the rant is the USPS tracking system, pittiful at best, lucky if its 3 days behind. I know when it says , "Package picked up from destination" that it will arive that same day ( 3 days later then the pickup)

    Sorry, not completely fishing related but wondered if there is someone I should be talking to within the USPS community about the fact someone else is reading my fishing magazines.

  2. I could contact the post master or the head person at your local post office. I'm sure all they will say is sorry and we'll take care of it. Kind of like some managers do at restaurants. I'd be a little upset too if my magazines kept showing up "used" and folded. I've had a few of them that have showed up damaged. Either ripped or just getting the cover. Yes that really happened. About a year ago I got a Field and Stream that was just the front and back covers. What happened to the rest of the magazine I don't know.:confused:

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    My guess is that it isn't the fault of the post office. I would check to see when it was delivered and then see when it was sent. I would guess someone in your district is at fault. It seems strange that only your magazines are the ones being read. Call your local Post office and see where and when the magazine has been.
    As for tracking-
    I use the post office to send all our mail and packages out and have never had a problem with tracking. In fact they seem to be right on time here. Again it seem maybe your local PO is having problems, not the entire postal service.. They have a department that deals with this type problems.
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    I won't even tell ya what condition my wifes Victoria Secret's catalogue (poor man's playboy) was in when she received it ! Let's just say you couldn't seperate some of the pages ! :eek: :(
  5. I live on a rural mail route. It's not uncommon to go 2 or 3 days with no mail and then on day 4 you magically get 10lbs of mail wrapped in a rubber band. Drives me freakin nuts.
  6. i dont get it krusty?? did they get it wet somehow? was it raining when they delivered your catalog?
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    I thought about that scenario, I should have sent it out for DNA analysis to verify my suspicions.....!@
  8. Salmonid-
    I don't know if he covers your town but here's his information:

    Darryl K. Myers
    (937) 227-1237

    Good Luck!
  9. Just last week I was waiting on some rods to be delievered by USPS
    and their tracking info said that they had been notified of a pick up but no other info at this time.
    So being the patient man that I am I sent a nasty e-mail to the sender (Bass Pro Shop) about them using such a bad service to get me my goods. They sent me a nice calm e-mail back telling me that all is well and to give it some time.
    When I was leaving my house a few hours later the package was already on the front portch. Oops !!
    As I was berating the USPS they were there and the other part of my order which I had full confidence in came late delivered by FedEx.

    The service fron USPS was good but thier tracking stinks.The tracking from FedEx was top notch but they were slower than the mail, go figure !! LOL