Urban Alum Creek Report

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  1. Went out tonight fishing a stretch of alum creek just north of three creeks park.

    Was a beautiful afternoon. Threw white twister tails, bumping against the bottom on a extra slow retrieve in any water over 5 feet deep I could find.
    Managed three dink Saugeyes, 2 rock bass, a panfish.

    Water was a little higher than I expected. Current was slow, warm, and the water was pretty clear up to three feet. If you fish the area, beware, there's a lot of down trees/brush in new areas. High rains probably washed the brush down, then it gets pinned up against other trees/rocks ect

    I lost 4 twister tails fishing, which is a Personal High Record for me. BTW. Next fish will be my 100th catch of the year. It's been a great season so far.

    All fish were C&R
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    Haha I know that spot!! I was about 200 yards away from there today too. Check out my report. Nice fish BTW.
  4. yeah, that's my starting point, I head south from there. Got in some nipple deep water, haven't fished up to my pits in a while.

    Wish I caught :B , but minnows are better than nothing!
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    Minnows.....are good bait in the overhang hole....if you know what I mean by overhang hole.
  6. I know what you mean.. did you see the huge tree in the overhang??? Made it near impossible to get any baits in the deepest parts... I caught one of my eyes jiggin' standing on the edge of the overhang, between that tree.