Upper Portions of the Blanchard River and Smallmouth?

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  1. Are there any smallmouth in the upper portions of the blanchard river? I have some access to a decent amount of private land off of rt. 37 and really want to get into some smallie action. I would appreciate any info and thanks in advance.
  2. I have beening getting more Largemouth in the river but some smallies on my trips also. Nothing big, all ultra light fish other than one day last summer when every one was around 2 lbs, never seen the fish before or after in one of my favorite runs that was a strange day. I use little rapalas in firetiger or silver/black and have some decent luck and always a good time, I just put on some chore boots and walk the river.

  3. Yeah thats what Im gonna do. I fish for smallies alot in the rocky river near cleveland as well as the grand. I just need to get out when Im done with classes later in the day. Thanks for the info! If you dont mind telling me, what section of the river do you fish? Upper, middle, or lower?
  4. Do you guys think that largemouth and crappie are ok to eat from the blanchard. Ive heard alot of different opinions but nobody really can say for sure. People always say how dirty the blanchard is....:confused:
  5. Personaly I would'nt eat them, but then that's just me. Lets face it all the water from the Blanchard ends up in Lake Erie and look at all the fish that get ate from there.
    Jim, have you ever tried down around Gilboa?
  6. Do not eat fish from the blanchard!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a bio major at the U of F and I am very involved in water quality regarding the blanchard. You would be scared to here the results of our water quality testing. If your are interested go to the EPA webpage and search for the Blanchard River. Also, you can go to google and type..."surf your watershed". The site will pop up.......next type Blanchard River in the search function. There are numerous reports on both of these sites which give hard data. By the way the maumee river is the biggest polluter of the entire great lakes system. Last week we organized a river cleanup on the BR and we found more trash on the river than at a dump. To be honest with you the blanchard is in extremely bad condition. The farther upstream you go however the better it gets....in places at least!
  7. To flytyer....No I have not tried that area. I am interested in fishing the upper portions of the river.
  8. I think the Blanchard is an underrated fishin' hole in these parts everyone wants to go to the reservoir. I've had pretty good success tossing rebel craws for smallies. You'll get an occasional largemouth and rock bass too. Pull up to the bank and stick a plain ol' worm on the hook and you'll have success too and you'll never know what you're going to catch.
    On a side note, I participated in the clean up of the river last year too. After the floods, it's in dire need of another.
  9. Went to an upper section of the blanchard river for a total of 8 hours yesterday and today both times in the afternoon and was quite pleased. Caught a ton of rock bass and several decent smallies ranging from 10-14 inches, along with a few dinks. I even caught two largemouths or spots, didnt check their tounges. The bass were caught near or around wood or in the tailouts. Fished a jig and pig 1/8 oz / black with a brown split tail trailer and a chartuese rocket shad. I only caught fish when I really slowed down my presentation. Hooked some fish in the middle of the river but most takers came close to woody structure. I will be exploring this river more in the following weeks and I will keep you guys posted on my outings.
  10. Sounds like you had a good time, and caught a few.
  11. Yes I was pleased with the outing, ecspecially considering I didnt run into one soul! Well...I did run into some pheasents which was cool!! Now I just gotta get out there with the 4wt. and some buggers! I need to work on my ff skills and this will be a good way to do it.