Upper LMR?

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  1. At what point is the LMR too “little” to float in a kayak?

    I would really like to fish the “entire” river this year. I plan to start at John Bryan State Park, and float to the mouth of the Ohio. While I would absolutely LOVE to do this in one extended trip, I expect that I would break it up into about a dozen short floats.

    Is John Bryan a good place to start? I have never fished the LMR above Corwin.

    Has anyone here fished the entire river?

    Also, I want to do a few overnighters. Any dependable islands that would be suitable for camping?

  2. Rooster, you can put in at the Blue Hole in John Bryan and float down from there, I would do it at normal flows but not "Low " flows, even in a yak, you'd be walking a bunch of the upper 2-3 miles, Jocoby Rd about 2 miles down is the official put in and float spot for the LMR. I have fished every inch of it from that spot down to Bellbrook, the first campable spot would be at the Bellbrook Canoe Livery, they may allow tents, no Islands that I am aware of until you get down at least to just below the mouth of CC. From there down, liveries woudl be the best overnight spots. The upper LMR has some rather strict landowners policing there shores.

    Let me know if you need any logistical help on the upper part above Bellbrook, I grew up on that stretch of river and have fished it for 25 years.


  3. Rooster if you want to float the entire river. I one trip I would defintely be willing to do too. A spring trip would be great. Ronnie
  4. the river is a creek above corwin, i have fished the whole river from jacoby to the mouth over the years and in all it is a nice float. there are a few lowheads in the upper river but they are very small and some may have been knocked out since i was last there. keep a list of the species you get as you move down, at 50miles from the mouth it really starts to change, there is good smallie fishing throughout the whole river. in the lower river from fork ancient down you should have no problem with access or places to stay but in the upper section there is alot of private land as salmonid said.
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    The LMR is floatable even N of Clifton. It is broad and slow in parts up there above the gorge w/ some big pools but also narrow in some stretches. Floating down through the gorge would be cool but you'd have to walk the boat in on a trail to access the river unless you use the main entrance which will still require that you walk the boat down to the river. Put in just above the gorge and you'll probabl come out in pieces after you go over the falls.The 1st road down from the gorge is Grinnell and the fishing from there to rt 68(jacoby access between there w/ a semi-improved launch) is OK lots of rock bass and smaller to modest smallies and a few crappies in the deeper holes. 68 on down fish are bigger but river is not as scenic as in the GlenHelen/John Bryan park waters.TC1
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    Rooster....I know the middle section REALLY well. I also am interested in doing a long float. I would be interested in J.Bryan down as far as fosters or Loveland. I really have no desire to go south of Loveland but I could be convinced. Myself and Rblake pretty much go every weekend all summer long and would probably tag along if you wanted to hang with us. Just let me know.
  7. I’m always looking for a shuttle partners, and will send PM's when the ice clears!

    I’m trying to get a weekend pass from the wife. My idea is to put-in on a Friday morning, and fish/camp until Sunday afternoon. I just need to find a couple of islands where I can stay overnight in a bivy sack with maybe a small tarp supported by my paddle. I would like to avoid staying at the campgrounds, but might not have any choice. I plan to do a few day trips north of Corwin, and hopefully find an island between J.Bryan and Corwin before making a longer trip.
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    do it when its warm i go solo and i carry the beer:confused: ;) :D