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Upper LMR 5-31

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Nitro750, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. Hit the LMR with a buddy last night. Started off REAL slow. We went about 1/2 mile before either of us caught anything. We got to an area where a tributary creek empties into the LMR and started picking up some nice smallies. I caught 4 on 4 casts from that hole. We moved on down a ways further and my buddy caught a few more on his craw. I switched to a Tiny Torpedo and started nailing the fish. They were crushing it. Nothing like smallmouth blowing up on a topwater.:D I ended the evening with 12 to 15 and he had about the same. My biggest was about 17" and fat. All in all it was an O.K. night we just had to be patient and figure em' out.
  2. sounds like good fishing. good to hear the fish are heathly. i have times like that mmy self. caught 19 channel cat. total combined wieght of 50 pounds. the thing hard to believe is i caught them in one and one half hour

  3. TM68


    i fish lmr mostly in Greene co what do you consider upper lmr i would say smallmouth aren't hitting great so far this year but have not hit it alot lately
  4. I fish in Greene County also. For me fishing has been real inconsistent this year. I've had some great days and then other days have been horrible. One day all I caught was 8 rock bass and no smallmouth. We need rain.
  5. TM68


    hit thr lmr early sat 6/9 bagged 5 smallies all around 12" 2 decent rockbass all the smallies were caught with green tube in current bouncing it off bottom my normal spots were not holding any fish allthe fish were caught between 9 &10:30;)
  6. Hey I know most people on her practice C&R as do I but I kept 4 smallies the other day that were all around 15-16 inches to eat.... My question is, Do you guys (The guys that get all mad about people keeping fish) Do you ever happen to keep some to eat?
  7. I NEVER keep smallies no matter the size. I believe ODNR suggests no more then one meal a month due to contaminants. If I want to eat fish I'll buy 'em. Besides smallies are too fun to catch to waste them on a dinner plate.
  8. with the pressure the lmr gets i release every smallie i catch from the river and everyone i fish with does the same. catch and release is probably the #1 thing you can do to ensure that we have good smallmouth fishing in that river in the future, unfortunatly our dnr doesn't have the foresight to put any size limits or lower the number of fish you can catch out of that river. i know it is your right to keep fish but had i seen you there with 4 smallies on a rope i would have begged you to put them back 14-16in smallies are the main spawners, all were probably 6-8+ years old, i would have offered to trade a limit of sauger or pay you $20 to put fish like that back (i've been know to do stuff like that). in the furture i beg you if you keep fish in that river keep crappie, channel cat, saugeye, even sauger, they all taste better and they are not near as volnerable to fishing pressure.
  9. Cordon

    Cordon The Last Don

    I ALWAYS release each and every smallmouth caught and I would hope everyone else would do the same. They take so long to grow to any size around here and I noticed you stated in a earlier post you wanted to catch a 20+ this year. Well a good way to ensure you have the chance is to let them go so they can hit that magic mark of 20.

    Plus if you want to keep some fish to eat there saugeye and sauger all up and down that make much better meals in my opinion.
  10. From one angler to another, and with all due respect, PLEASE release ALL of your smallmouth. As riverking mentioned, these fish are probably 6-8 years old which means it will take 6-8 years to replace them with a comparable sized fish. I completely respect your right to catch and keep fish because you bought a license just like the rest of us and the game laws allow you to keep fish that you catch. Smallmouth are a fantastic fighting fish and just a lot of fun to try and catch. Please target plentiful species such as catfish, crappie and bluegill for the skillet.