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  1. hi all, was hoping to take the boat out one last time this weekend, but the forecast isn't looking too good, so i was thinking about spending some time on the hoga north of hiram. have a good secluded spot i discovered years ago, and have caught lots of fish, but nothing great. just wondering if anyone had any info about pike fishing in this area? between 422 and winchell rd. when is the best time of year, and bait/ lures? also, is it better to just work one spot really hard, or walk the banks and just try a cast or two in each spot. my friends and i have caught about 13 species of fish in this spot, and from one late night adventure, figured it out to be around 10 feet deep. but in all of this fishing, we've never caught a channel cat. are they in there, or is it just bullheads? any info is appreciated. oh yea, since the boat is not going out this weekend, as long as the weather cooperates some friends and i are probably in for the tournament next weekend if it's still on.
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    I used to kakyak up that way all the time over 8 years ago before I got my boat. Well between SR82 and Lake Rockwell. The pike I've caught were mainly on in-line spinners and bait under a bobber when I was lazy and did the downriver float with a nice cold one.
    I caught a couple on texas rigged worms fishing for bass too.
    If you find a nice hole that is 10' or deeper I would work that spot hard and keep the details of the exact location secret.
    I only knew of two holes in the stretch I fished that were over my head (6') and both produced well.
    Any obstructions like fallen trees were a good ambush spot where the pike hid out waiting for dinner to swim by.
    I imagine a big spinnerbait would work well too for pike but I never used one as I was up there for relaxation and to get away from people and a few nice bonus fish thrown in.
    There are nice northern in that area of the river.

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    I never caught any channels up there but I never tried for them either. Doesn't mean they aren't there. Channels are pretty much everywhere in Ohio.
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    In my experience w/ Hoga pike, some of the best baits include: chartreuse jerkbait or shallow crank, soft jerkbaits (Slug Go works nice), or blade baits. I'm not entirely familiar w/ the stretch you're speaking of, but my mom lives on 59 in Silver Lake. I also caught a few this year on a 5/8 oz black jointed Jitterbug, and a Zara Spook. Best of luck! They should still be bitin'!
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    My cousin has a piece of land (11 acres, about 1/4 mile or more of frontage) on that area of the river. I've fished it 100's of times. If you found a 10' deep hole there must have been a meteor hit there since last month. There is plenty of pike up there but almost all of the bank is private property so fishing from a canoe/kayak is the only way to go. Throwing large rapalas usually does the trick and a flyrod with big (6") streamers is even more fun. I 've camped on his property many times and put in rods at night only bullheads. Good luck if you go and be careful the waters cold taking a dip especially far away from you put-in can be dangerous