Upland Bliss!

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  1. Im not your typical upland hunter! I am a duck hunter and a deer hunter by trade. My g/f dad is into pheasants and has a boiken(sp) spaniel and asked me to come along sunday for a pheasant hunt. There is some public land by my house and they released some birds on thursday. We figured by sunday all the yahoos would be outa there and the birds would be a little more flighty and we figured it would be a hunt just to find one. I took my lab, who like me, is a duck hunter. Boy was I surprised when I got that dog into the field. The dog had 4 flushes and 2 of them were woodcocks, and the bonus was that I ended up shooting both of them. He acted liek he had been donig it for years, when it is probably the second time he has ever beeen upland hunting. The boiken did wonderful as was expected since it is his field of expertise. All and all I think it ended up being a darn good day for public land that had been pounded for the previous 2 days.

  2. Cool Story and Pics!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Boykins are cool little flushing dogs. Sounds like your lab is giving you a hint too though!