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  1. I was thinking about trying to get after some perch early this spring but I will have to admit I know very little about it. I normally go straight after the crappies once the ice is out but thought it would be fun to try and catch a few perch. Do any of you guys ever target perch in any of the upground reservoirs early? I have heard that there are some in the Bucyrus Reservoirs and Killdeer and thought I would give it a shot. Any advise you could give would help me shorten the learning curve. Thanks for the help.
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    The Findlay res. seems to favor the crappie and blue gill rather then perch in the spring. The bottom is alive with plangton and very flat.I know this from ice fishing with a friend that has a camara. I know in past years the parks department sunk alot of christmas trees around different spots and if you could find them you would have a good time catching nice size fish.

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    flounder 2 min 30 sec from Hoover

    There are also perch in the new reservoir at upper sandusky. I caught several in the one day in about 1/2 hour.
  4. Metzger and Bresler reservoirs here in Lima have the biggest around here.
    Average size is 8 to 10 '' with a few that will push 13''.
    We dont start to catch them till like the first of May, when they come to the bank.

    Best baits and lures, are small panfish jigs and twisters, tipped with a spike or 2, and drift worms or tiger worms, fished on a slip float.
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    Although not an upground reservoir, the perch at Prairie Oaks are beginning to turn on right now.
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I was hoping that they turned on a little earlier than the crappie bite. I got the boat out and she is almost ready for the maiden voyage just trying to decide where to go first.
  7. They gettim out of Indian Lake to. But can be hard to find, unless you know the lake.
  8. There are some very nice perch in Willard reservoir and also some that aren't quite as big of average size in New London reservoir.

    Don't know where you are located but it would be worthwhile to try those.
  9. you can catch them by the boat loads in norwalk but they arent very big
  10. I've fished Willard Bucryus Findly for perch. Never had much luck in any of them. I've only ever used wax worm for bait. What's everone else use minnes jigs.