Upground Res Reports Anyone?

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone has fished New London, Willard, Etc. for Wally's lately and if they are in shallow, deep, etc. Any reports would be appreciated. I am from Barberton, so it is about an hour to New London for me but I love the lake. Due to work I have not been out there for months and was planning on one more try before hard water but want to time it as best I can when they are hitting. Any help or updates would be appreciated. When I do go, I will let you all know how I did.

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    Went to Wellington last night. Has ice, (not fishable) pretty much all around the edge. Center is open. I would guess New London and Willard are similar, but since they are larger, it may take longer to form.

  3. 12/28 Beaver Creek in Seneca county is also iced over, very thin (1/4 inch) of ice.
  4. In the last Findlay newspaper there was a big article on a dog that ran out on the thin ice of Res II and fell through to its death. The fire dept tried to save the dog but could not get to the dog for some reason.
    I was up in Northern Michigan over the the past couple of days 8 inches of ice on the bay I fished, we took the snowmobiles out on the bay while fishing. A 12 yr old girl landed a 37 inch pike (10-12 lbs) it was the catch of the day.
  5. This cold spell should help tonight, although Sunday is gonna be warm. Hey Weekender, I met and talked to your son at NW Masonry during Gun Season. Hell of a nice buck he had. We talked for alot longer than we should have:)
    Ended talking about fishing and hunting and this site and the hunting site came up and he told me who you were.
  6. Thanks for chimming in on this one wannabitaworm.
    I headed to Wellington Wildlife area in the morning for geese.
  7. Hey red head my son said he spoke with a fellow OGF guy at his work. Yes he got a decent buck this year but he is not going to mount it just a skull mount as it would be his 5th biggest buck, he has some great luck on deer hunting. I think he is not mounting it because he shot it with a gun not his normal compound bow deer.
    Yep time to start fishing.