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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Orlando, Jun 26, 2007.

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    As some of you know I have been trying to raise funds to send care packages to some of our troops in Iraq http://www.ohiogamefishing.com/community/showthread.php?t=70953
    As of today the OGF donations are at $96.00 I am a member on the CMP (Civilian markmanship program website) and as of today have raised $640.00. I will be accepting donations until the end of June then I will be purchasing items and shipping them If you are considering donating please do so before then. No donation is to small., even $5.00 will help. Thanks guys!
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    I'm kicking this up to the top! There was over 1,034 hits on the thread and only $96.00 collected for the men and women protecting our rights that we love so dearly against people who would love nothing more than to take them all away from us. $96.00, that's sad. Come on guys cough it up! :mad:

  3. Orlando

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    Very well said Toxic!!
  4. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    As my project is coming to a end I have to say I am kinda dissapointed in you guys. Don't we have around 10,000 memebers? As many people have read my posts if each would have donated $2.00 I would have made my goal.

    Look, I'm not gonna pull the soapbox thing here. I know the economy sucks for most of us right now, myself included. I'm aself employed flooring contractor. I don't claim to be an expert on the current state of affairs across the globe, Scrape the spare change out of your car. No amount is too small.

    I'm not trying to change the world here. All I'm trying to do is let a few of our nation's servicemen and women know that we appreciate what they are doing for all of us. He's taken on a very worthwhile cause.

    I can give dozens of good reasons why anyone should send $5 or even $1. If you can give just ONE reason why these brave folks aren't worth just one single dollar and a few minutes of your time to put it in an envelope, I'd be interested in hearing it.

    BTW, I hope I don't upset all those out there who truly are not in a financial position to give even $1 (in this economy I am sure there are some). I am sure you would if you could.

    I'm not trying to pick on you guys. Having read the forum for so long and seen how most of the members here revere our nation's veterans and knowing how many of the members ARE veterans or sons, brothers, or close friends of vets and current servicemen I was quite suprised to see so little participation.

    Some will flame me and say I am out of line and to those I apologize in advance. Those who know me will know I am not that kind of person.

    (stepping off box now) :eek:) thanks for listening
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    orlando, I don't think your out of line at all to question why there was so little participation. Maybe I can offer a little feedback for myself personally, that may apply to others.

    One, in your original thread request for funds - checks/money orders made out to you personally. Unfortunately, in this day and age - there are a lot of dishonest folks. Even though there are a good number of active folks on this forum - most of us in actuality are strangers. (I do understand there is a strong contingent of those that attend OGF functions etc etc, that may consider themselves to have friendships) Anyways, I think you get my point and I'm guessing there is a strong liklihood that others may have felt the same way.

    Second, many many folks here are actively doing other endeavors to support the troops. Whether through work, church, or other organized military outreach efforts - I'm sure many are giving.

    I didn't mind your candid post at all - wasn't offensive - seems to me you are passionate about a good cause. Please accept my candid response as to why participation (or lack thereof) may have been what it was.
  6. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Coolwater. as far as people didn't want to send checks or money orders made out to me how else could it be done as I am the one heading this up. I have been around on this forum for years so I am known to many of the members. I have recieved donations and pledges for donations on a gun forum that I have been a memeber of for just over a year and not one person knows me personally It should amount to around $1000.00 . One person donated $300.00 and another $200.00 and I have never met either one of them. I guess it just all depends on where your pritoritys are.
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    If you were offended by my post or didn't like what I had to say - you should have read the post after mine that the member later chose to delete. (or the mods deleted it) My response was rather G rated in comparison.

    You need to read my post again - MANY people are already giving and contributing to the troops, so you saying it's a matter of priorities is completely out of line. You seem to be offended that people aren't contributing to YOUR particular effort. 'Calling out' the membership of OGF because the close to 10,000 members only contributed $96 would lead a person to think one of two things, 1. They are already giving in other forms as I mentioned before, 2. You set it up wrong so that people did not feel comfortable making a donation.

    If it were me - I would have gone to the local bank, and set up a fund and had them act as a neutral third party... most banks do community service and outreach and wouldn't have charged a penny to act as the liaison for your project. Heck, they love getting the PR. Thats just one of many ways it could have been done.
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    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Coolwater, I wasn't offended in the least by what you posted. The reason I came here and asked for donations was because I thought maybe it was something the OGF could do as a project together. If I offended someone with what I posted oh well I know my heart is in the right place and I'm trying to do the right thing. I always felt that the OGF was kinda like a extended family. Anyway no offense taken. Thanks guys
  9. CoolWater

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    No problem Orlando... I do think 'in concept' the idea is more than impressive - and maybe there is a way to re-tool it for greater participation.

    Also, I'm just one person - so even my comments should just be viewed as that... maybe 9,999 people think I'm completely off... I just was trying to offer my insight and speculate based off of my personal feelings.

    I really hope this particular situation doesn't deter you from your future efforts advocating for our troops.
  10. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    Guess I struck a nerve there James. No matter what I say someone will get their feathers ruffled so I'm not even going to respond with a comment. Have a good day James.
    Sincerely, dissapointed, narrow minded Orlando
  11. I think what coolwater is saying is more likey true for most.
    and u should smooth your feathers down and chill.
    coolwater is not bad mouthing u, he is just stateing a fact about peoples feelings with what is going on in these times.
    i think he is also right about going thru a bank people willo respond faster to that then sending money to someone they don't no.
    blamm it it on the way the world is now.
    said my thoughts

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I commend your efforts to organize this sort of fund raising to support our troops. I am sure that your intentions are good. I think your efforts now on OGF may be stalled after your comments of " Hey these guys over here on the CMP Forum are donating more" type of banter. It sure doesn't make me want to donate to this paticular fund raiser after hearing that.

    I would have to agree with coolwater that possibly setting up a third party such as a bank to have the funds sent to would be beneficial and may possibly make others feel more at ease about sending a donation.

    I feel it is now important to mention something else. After a bit of research, I have found that the comment you made and I quote

    The quote above was practically plagiarized from a user named SEANinMICH that is a member of your ODCMP Forums, yet prior to my research I had thought it was you that said the above, when in fact it was Sean on the other site.

    See below for the exact quote from SEANinMICH, I will let the OGF members make their own determination on whether this is plagiarism or not.

    Also, after I tallied up the best that I could the people from both OGF and the ODCMP site, it appears the ammount of people from both sites are just about equal, the only differance between the ammounts is due to the fact that a few on the ODCMP site donated alot more than a $5,$10,or even $20 donation. Hence you made it look as if more people from the other site had more participation....That is just totally incorrect. Looks to be the same ammount of participation just differant donation ammounts.

    In conclusion, the reason I didn't donate your cause was 2 fold. First off I honestly didn't see the post until an hour ago, secondly I donate to the troops through another method being my church that does the same thing.

    In the end, you efforts are commendable, but your approach and presentation to others is not.

  13. I think what you are trying to do is great but there is a number of reason why I didn't send you money. 1st, I donated money through a fund raiser my old High School held for a similar thing. 2nd, I donated various items through a Steeler fan club I belong to, to send care packages to the troops last X-mas. 3rd, I donated money through work to help get things for our troops. In the past 12 months I have donated a fair amount of money to help with various causes and fund raisers for the troops, and I am not what you would call rich. There is a common theme between all 3 of them, they were people and organizations I knew, it was cash in hand, and it was face to face. Just because there is almost 10,000 members here you shouldn't of expected to raise $10,000. I think alot of people are doing what they can through various community groups, churches, etc. You collected $96, you could of collected nothing.

  14. Orlando

    Orlando Set The Hook!

    KSUFLASH, yes I did "copy " a post that was made on the CMP forum .I did so with no bad intentions whatsoever. Sean made that post and I had to agree fully with eveything he said thats why I posted it. It really got people thinking and they opened their hearts and pockets. I in no way was upset with Coolwaters remarks and if you read my post a little closer you will see that I stated that. I did not mean to play one forum against another, that was not my intention in my post. You say there were as many OGF memebers donating as CMP memebers well thats not true either. There are two posts on CMP and you would have to read both of them to tally it up. Also there were people there that donated that never posted.I guess this has all took a ugly turn which I never meant it to. I stand firmly behind everything I posted, if I offended anyone I do apologize. This will be the last post I make on this subject except to thank the ones who donated . I am asking the moderators to remove the "sticky" post for the fundraiser. Thanks and lets move on.
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    Orlando, don't sweat it. I am a vet so I defended your free speech, as well as the other so we all can have an opinion. Whether we like it or not, we can never please everyone. You did a great job, you accomplished what you started out to do. You made some young troopers happy and that's what counts. I salute your efforts.