update on ogf's grumpy.........back in ICU

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by misfit, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. misfit

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    i once again ask that you keep him and his family in your thoughts.
    there have been some changes in his condition lately,that i've just learned of.news has been coming slow,but i got a call from wayne's wife today with a progress report.apparently he's had a few setbacks,and was put back in icu on sunday.he's back on a ventilator due to breathing problems complicated by pneumonia,along with some other post-op complications.
    last time i talked to him was the day before he was admitted over thanksgiving weekend.he was excited about plans he was making for a dream fishing trip next spring,which he has talked to me about for several years,only to keep putting it off.he said it was his 70th birthday present to himself.he said this was "the year" because you never know if you'll get the chance again.
    let's all hope and pray that he gets well soon,so he can fulfill his birthday wish.
  2. God speed on a full recovery.

  3. Hope things work out. Will be in our thoughts.
  4. Grumpy is one of the few people on this site I have actually met. He was the one who referred me to this site. He and his family are in my prayers. I hope all goes well.
  5. All of our thoughts and prayers to grumpy on a full recovery. Would love to see him make that dream fishin trip. Though I have never met him, I admire those who want to make their dreams come true.
  6. Ruminator

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    I hope he heals up quickly. They are included in my OGF prayer list.
  7. New prayers are on their way for ya Grumpy. We all hope to get you back soon.
  8. Hang in there Grumpy... We're all pullin for your recovery!
  9. I finally got to meet Wayne (Grumpy) two years ago at the annual Hoover new years day get together for mental 'misfits'. A real nice guy and a bona fide throwback to a time when sport fishing was just a little more relaxed and uncomplicated. You can tell that Wayne carries with him a true love of the outdoors.

    A little trivia:
    - Grumpy's handle was "Altair" on a few other fishing sites before he joined OGF.
    - Grumpy was an actual fishing guide on Hoover when I first started fishing there.
  10. Fishers of Men

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    In our prayers daily. Where was he wanting this dream trip at?
  11. misfit

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    though he's a true multi species guy,he loves crappie and eye fishing,as well as bass,pike,and is contemplating either a trip to a top southern crappie lake or an up north combo pike/eye/smallie trip.but since he's put it off for so long,he is leaning toward both because he desrves it:D
    i've been pushing him for a few years to do it,but when he gets home,push will come to shove:D ;)
  12. misfit

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    updating on wayne's condition.i just got off the phone with his wife.he's still in icu and hanging in.as happens during long stays,various problems have arisen and had to be dealt with.it's been over a month since he was admitted and hopefully they'll get things under control so thay can move him to an extended care facility to begin the long rehab that lays ahead.he's still on the ventilator and be fed through iv's.they did a tracheotomy in hopes of weaning him from the ventilator.he also has developed pneumonia,as is common in his situation,but hopefully they'get it taken care of.
    he did get to see the apple of his eye(grandson) at christmas,so i'm sure that lifted his spirits some.
    again,please keep him and his family in your thoughts,an hope for a full recovery.
  13. DaleM

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    Thanks for the update Rick. Please pass on that we are thinking of him.