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  1. Nightprowler

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    I was at the Dayton boat show today and saw a flyer on the ODNR table saying that Caesar's Creek North Pool Boat Ramp will be CLOSED.....yes CLOSED beginning April 1st 2008. They didn't have any papers that I could take with me and couldn't find anything on there site. It didn't give much details. They told he to call the park office for details and questions. Did anybody else happen to see the flyer??
  2. Nightprowler

    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter

    Boat Ramp Improvements at Caesar Creek Lake Total $713,000
    This summer boaters in Warren County will get to enjoy launch ramp improvements that will make their boating experiences more enjoyable on Caesar Creek Lake. Parking at the North Pool boat launch ramp will be improved to add 54 car and trailer parking spaces, 29 car/truck-only spaces with walkways from both parking areas, and three additional handicap accessible spaces. The boarding docks will be removed and replaced with 8-foot wide dock sections, and security lighting will be installed. The project is scheduled for completion mid- to late summer.

    This comes from this website: (half way down the page)

  3. I wonder how long it will be closed. The improvements will be great, but those other ramps sure will be crowded for a little while.

  4. Fletch

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    Bout time they made some improvements.
    I think there is plenty money there for dock improvements.
    They should make car only parking parking spaces and make them the furthest ones away from the ramp. I hate it when I see a compact car parked in a 50 foot truck/trailer parking space.
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    This isn't wellman's right? Is it the sail boat ramp?
  6. Freeze, Wellman is in the south pool. North pool is what is sometimes called the sailboat ramp...there is a cryptic sign there that says something like "North Pool Ramp" :).

    From the docks I've seen at CJ Brown, it will be well worth the short term trouble. The new ones at CJ are simply awesome. I'm fairly certain the Army CoE did those. The north pool ramps had the misfortune of not having courtesy docks for you to tie off while retrieving your vehicle. Hopefully newbies will realize how to utilize such things...a very wishful thought on my part.
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    Anyboby know if ther're going to keep the lake down longer than usual???

  8. Nightprowler

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    I called over to the CC Park Office (513-897-3055) and was told that the lake level will not be effected. Also the new ramps will still be taken out for winter.
  9. From the DNR website, posted today.


    COLUMBUS, OH - The North Pool Boat Launch Ramp at Caesar Creek State Park in Warren County will close for the upcoming recreational season while workers upgrade and expand the popular recreational facility. The launch ramp will close April 1 and remain closed through the Labor Day weekend, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

    Boaters will have continued access to the park's four other launch ramps:

    Furnas Shores Ramp off State Route 73
    Wellman Meadows Ramp off Oregonia Road
    The ramp located in the park's main campground
    Haines Road Ramp, located in the adjoining state wildlife area

    Improvements slated for the facility include a new launch ramp, new courtesy docks, new vehicle and trailer parking, sidewalks, curbing and lighting. The traffic pattern will also be modified to accommodate access to the new parking.

    Caesar Creek State Park's 3,741 land acres surround a 2,830-acre lake. It offers a variety of outdoor recreation, including fishing, hiking, horseback riding, swimming, boating, hunting and camping, to nearly 2 million visitors annually.
  10. Fletch

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    The other ramps will be a madhouse.
  11. I would imagine the Furnas Shore ramp will get most of the traffic, but does have the benefit of a large no wake zone being close to the bridge. Unfortunately that area is a popular spot for fishing and we'll have to see how the traffic affects the fishing. Just my 2cents!!