UPDATE: Alum. Welds

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  1. Just back this evening and thought I would update the
    aluminum weld problems and
    to keep those who replied as
    to the boat conditions. Honestly
    there was little to hope for after all the responses but I did not
    enter the lake with knowing that
    nothing good should be expected.
    I found that all original welds had
    failed and that the second welds
    had failed also plus I gained one new break parallel to a new weld.
    This is going to turn out to be a
    more than catastrophic for someone for sure.

    Thanx to those who replied and
    I am totally sure I will keep you all
    aware of the BASS PRO/TRACKER
    fans aprised of my situation.

  2. Seaturd

    Seaturd Catcher of Fish

    Man if anyone was ever up for a full replacement due to a lemon law it's got to be you. They must've had a real rookie weld that boat up the first time.

  3. Gene,
    Man of man, they are not treating you fairly at all. Call Strickland up an tell him of your problems, better yet go to the State of Ohio web site and e-mail him.