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  1. Just noticed highs well above freezing and rain come Monday/Tuesday for Northwest Ohio. I was just wondering what effects this kind of weather has on the ice. I already know some waters to have 5-6 inches of clear black ice with 1-2 inches of snow on top. What happens with a 36 hour spike in warm weather and rain? Any info will help, since I'm looking forward to more ice fishing come this weekend....:confused:
  2. it depends on the wind and sun. those will mess it up faster than just warm temps. if we get alot of driving rain and wind. be carefull. especially near places where water flows into the lake. If its not too bad it should only take a few days of cold to get things back to normal. but we will likely loose the strength of the top inch or two of ice that we now have. Also any open water areas that are still around like on indian lake will grow in size, especially with the 40 MPH winds they are calling for.

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    the black ice will start to degrade and turn whitish. except for the rain that would be a great day to get out.

    if you already have crappy marginal ice to begin with then thered be cause for concern.

    always drill and check on your way out.