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Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by bassmastermjb, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Well guys, it looks like all the praying has finally paid off and the 2009 ice season is finally here.The weather forecast for this week is looking real nice.They're calling for highs in the 20's and lows in the teens starting Wedsnesday through the weekend.I have to get out of the house today and will be taking a little road trip with mrphish42 to drill some holes at various lakes and ponds.Will most likely start at Shadow Lake in Bedford, then head over to Punderson and LaDue by noon.Will be drilling holes at a couple of strip pits and local ponds along the way home to finish off the afternoon.Will report the ice conditions when we get back.........Mark
  2. Take a rope, ice cleats & hand spikes.... I wouldnt leave home without 'em!

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    Absolutely Icebucket, I always have my safety gear with me.It's a standard part of my ice gear, even on 10" of ice, and wouldn't feel comfortable without it.Call me later today when you get a chance and I'll let you know what's up........Mark
  4. Sure will.... maybe I'll stop by on my way to work early Tuesday afternoon if you're home.
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    IBJOHN.........Are you headed out anywhere today?..........and is Nathan going back out today also.......... jON sR.
  6. Jon... I dont plan on ice fishing today, but may take a drive & walk on OSP to check things out.

    Nathan already left for work this morning. He fished Old State Park & Nimisila yesterday, Sunday 01/04. Actually, Nimisila had unsafe ice with some spots less than 2". He and his buddies had poor results at both places. I have about a dozen gills to clean this morning.
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    IBJOHN.........Thanks for the reply and info. Guess Mark and I will explore some other areas today, as he mentioned earlier.............Well, I'll probably catch up with you at Marks tomorrow.....PS. just might have a different approach to the bobber thing for you tomorrow.......See ya soon... Enjoy your day off...............jON sR.
  8. Jon, I didnt care the springs... went back to mini-bobbers the other day.., but always opened for new ideas & suggestions.
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    I just got back from a day of scouting ice conditions with Jon Sr.We started at Shadow Lake in Bedford then headed east towards Punderson & LaDue.The ice on every body of water we checked today was unsafe to fish. All places had 1 1/2"- 2", the further north we went, the thinner the ice. All will be fishable by the end of this weekend or before, it will all depend on how much snow we get this Wednesday night. Little or no snow and we'll be good to go Friday..................Mark
  10. Thanks for the ice condition report Mark, aka Bassmastermjb

    Have you heard any reports from Mogadore today???
  11. The next ten+ days does look promising....FINALLY! I may get on the ice yet this year!

    Can anyone say Presque Isle? Someone had too bring it up! LOL!
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    It's midnight, the Buckeyes blew another big game, and I just let the dogs out to do their thing.Damn is it cold out there.While standing on the deck all I can hear are pressure cracks ripping across Lake Rockwell. What a sweet sound, the ice season is finally upon us.We should have 5"-6"(minimum) everywhere by Monday morning.Things are looking up...........Mark

    Next Monday, not tomorrow morning............Mark
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    Thanks for rubbing it in Mark.

    Down here in Columbus most of the ponds are open and if there is ice on them its just a thin layer.... We *might* be able to get out by the weekend....