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Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by hatteras1, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. This happened around 1980 or 81. thD4EVH1N0.jpg I was at Atwood spillway. It borders Tuscarawas and Carroll counties. The spillway is a manmade tunnel under an earthen dam. It's fenced and I cannot remember the span across. There were 3 of us on the south side, My stepdad, a retired sheriff, and my brother in law, a body man in East Canton at the time. There were two across from us, using minnows, and more fishing rods than Kmart. We were using some crappie jigs I had made and it was non stop crappies of the 5" size. We had caught so many we lost count to the point of boring.. Not one good one in the bunch. Meanwhile, across the creek, those minnows were totally useless, and not one bite. Those people had tackle boxes and giant bobbers and everything but a big screen tv.... And straight across from me was the cutest picnic basket I've ever seen. I even commented that it looked just like a Yogi Bear Picnic Basket. They were watching us throw back crappies one after the other, almost every cast was a small crappie. Finally one man had had enough, and was trying to get our attention. My stepdad said, that man wants you. I said, no, he wants some fish. I wouldn't acknowledge him as these fish were too small. finally he got my attention, and i gave him the charades type of answer with hand signs, small means shake my head no, and large is a yes.. the spillway is so loud you have to talk very loud to the people next to you. Finally, my stepdad said give him this one. I tossed it over the spillway, and the wind from the spillway stopped the fish and it was gone.. That's it.. the next decent fish was making the the flight over come hell or high water. A few moments later, I took a fish and gave it the Super Frisbee throw, and it cleared both fences, and dropped directly in the Yogi Bear Basket.. so i'm running in circles "WOO-HOO" proud of my perfect toss, and then i noticed the man didn't even see the fish as he had his back to me. About that time we see these tiny arms coming up out of the basket, and a fish flapping up and down on the chest of an infant, a small boy I think.. "OMG!!! I smacked a baby with the fish, and the father didn't even notice. Now i'll tell you what.. we had to yell back and forth, and we were close together, but from the other side we could hear that baby screaming.. Now were all yelling at the man down stream, and not paying attention. Finally he see's the baby and the fish, and he ran up, and grabbed the fish and threw it down and then he gave me the (Look of Death).. like he thought I did it intentially... I wanted so bad to apologize, but he wouldn't have believed it, and my thoughts were more on Algebra.. like the time it will take him to make the distance up the steep hill, across to us and back down to beat my butt. We decided we were done for the day and very quickly got out of there. Now at family gatherings, my stepdad likes to tell the story of my (child abuse with a live fish).. (True story)
    green fish.jpg
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    ScumFrog Fish Herder

    That's funny!!!

  3. The story of my life:rolleyes:
    Years ago, my neighbor talked me into a week at Cowan lake. He goes there all the time and tent camps. I've never been there before, so i take the boat and the wife and get there and set up camp. pretty nice place.
    Come dark, we hear this god awful noise, like a jet landing in the campground. 15 minutes later, another one.
    He didn't tell me that the jets take off from Wilmington airport every 15 minutes at night and fly over the lake. There was a Flying tigers or something like that, kinda like fedex, and they had a hub there.
    When i got home, I went over with a few choice words.. He said "Oh, you never go during the week because of the planes. That's why we only go on weekends." I was so p........ at that Bozo!!!
    Heck of a thing to leave out of the conversation!
  4. My buddy told me i should write a book. I told him no one would believe it.... and he should talk. He fell asleep while deer hunting and woke up to a raggedy old buck with one eye staring at him. Scared him so bad, he ran out of the woods and left his bow behind.
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    Lazy 8 Does this place seem, "Seedy" or is it just me?

    You need to pay your Cowan Lake buddy back somehow. :)
    Nothing real bad, but something that'll make him smile and say, you got me back!
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  6. One time i wrote Bass on a rock and wrapped it and froze it with a label (Rock Bass), and gave it to my friend Hank.

    ... I would have loved to see his face when he thawed it out!!
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  7. Lazy 8

    Lazy 8 Does this place seem, "Seedy" or is it just me?

    If that kid could of talked to other kids in daycare, when they said. How'd it go fishing the other day, he coulda said, oh, I had a, "crappie day." :)
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