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Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by Rooster, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Ben’s sophomore slump is BRUTAL! 4TD, 0 INT’s, and two Wins. He makes it look so easy, it is almost unfair. The Steelers with a STAR QB…….why did they wait so long?

    The D looks BETTER than last year when Pittsburgh had the #1 D in the league. Troy is a monster. Troy and The young CB’s (Ike and Coke) will be around for a long time. A young fast secondary will allow Dick to send the house….watch the sacks pile-up (8 today). Once again……NO TEAM IS GOING TO RUN ON THE STEELERS

    The WR’s? Plax who? Two TD’s for Ward, Big plays once again for El and Ced.

    Willie Parker, Willie Parker, Willie Parker!

    The Steelers have only had to punt the ball 4 times in two games. What is really amazing is that this happened even though they have been going into turtle mode in the 4th quarter because they have had huge leads.
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    I must admit I am totally surprised. But lets face it, they havent faced a real good Defensive line yet. What will happen will Ben is forced to throw 30 times in a game? If they can still be domminant at that time, I will say that it could be real exciting to watch the div. I think both the Bengals & Steelers are in a very good position now that the Ravens are 0-2.

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    Sure Ben's played good, but let's see how he does agains the some better defenses in the weeks ahead.

    3 - NE 4:15 PM ET
    4 - Bye
    5 - @SD 9:00 PM ET
    6 - JAC 1:00 PM ET

    Plus he's only had 32 attempts which is tied for 28th in the league. He'll probably go down to 30th or 31st after tonight's games.
  4. Every week Ben plays well somebody downgrades his performance with stuff like these genius statements

    1. They haven't played any one yet
    2. Wait till he has to heave 50 times in a game( 50 pass attempts=loss)
    3. His running game carries him.
    4. He is the product of the system(well, duh!)

    Carson also is good because he has a great line and tremendous skill players, but because the Bengals throw ten more times a game means nothing. It is just the system for him also, but that has been true for every great QB. Would Montana have won 4 Super Bowls if he had been drafted by the Saints?
    If either Ben or Carson played with the line Carr plays with in Houston they would both be awful. Both Ben and Carson are going to be great, and I can't wait to watch them play twice a year for hopefully ten years. I hope the Bengals and Steelers are undefeated on October 23!
  5. Do I have to tell you who those somebody's are that keep bashing Ben week after week????? Just let me sum it up by saying that jealousy is an undesireable by-product of being a poor loser.
  6. I will keep Trent Dilfer is you can give me the Steelers's O-line.:D I agree that Ben is a fine QB but I think where people differ is when some want to paint him with "Greatness" already and he has not earned the label over time. Yes he did have a super rookie season and his soph season is off to a good start. For his sake I hope he does well. But I am not one to put the comparisons out yet of him to all of the greats of the game. But then again who am I but yet another Browns fan.:D
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    Ben impressed me Sunday not only with his play but with his sportsmanship and tough Steeler attitude. He was trying to flag down an official after he threw a pass to acknowledge an injured defensive lineman that was trying to take Ben's head off. That's sportsmanship. And after he took a HUGE hit from behind that would put down most QB's he got up and shook it off. Yeah, he's just a fluke :p ! The nail in the coffin will be when Ben helps Pitt get to Detroit in Jan. Where will the doubters be then? Probably thinking about their team (no names :D ) "there's always next year!
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    Man, There's enough fodder in this thread to last a couple of years...!